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Is the ‘path of least resistance’ stopping you from becoming an author?
Having just moved from Kent to Hampshire, my 'to do' list has become a novel in itself. I've just di[more]
Foreword, Preface and Introduction – What they are, and where they are put in your book
"What's the difference between a Foreword, a Preface and an Introduction - and where should they ap[more]
How to get more qualified leads…
Getting high quality, qualified leads into your sales funnel is on most business owners’ wish list[more]
With proper planning, it really is simple!
I'm just updating my book, ‘The Expert Author’, and the heading ‘With proper planning, it real[more]
So you have your book written and now it's ready to be published. But before you hit print, ther[more]
Why eating 3 frogs before 10am can boost your productivity!
We all know the new year usually means the ubiquitous ‘new year resolutions’ promise; a new diet[more]