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What Our Customers Are Saying

Alexa and her team made the writing process easy (although there were a few nights where we were on the phone till 10pm getting chapters finished) but she took me by the hand and helped me every step of the way. I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without her help. Continued...

Simon Banks

Simon Banks ~ “How to Get Video Right”

...my standards are incredibly high and Alexa surpassed them time and time again!
She delivered my project on time, within budget and to a really high standard. If you are thinking of using Alexa and her team to produce your book, then I would definitely get in touch with her. Continued...

Josh Black

Josh Black ~ “Personal Best”

Listen to what Alexa says and be guided by her experience, soon enough you too will become a published author.
If you are considering writing a book, then go no further. I have recommended Alexa on a couple of occasions and will continue to do so. Give her a call! Continued...

David Taylor

David Taylor ~ “How to Get it Right and Grow Your Business with Confidence”

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A computer is sitting on a desk, with a post it note sayingTraditional publishing vs Self-publishing

Traditional Publishing vs Self-publishing – your options

So, you’ve written your book and it’s on your computer. All your hard work is done and you feel elated– great stuff, writing a book is a huge achievement. Now it’s time to get it out to the world so everyone can enjoy it – […]

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Black labrador as an accountability partner

How to use an accountability partner to get stuff done (mine has a wet nose and waggy tail!)

This month’s focus is about ‘getting it done’ – be it a big project, a long-term goal, or something in your personal life like getting fit or losing weight and getting an accountability partner is one of the most effective ways of keeping you on […]

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A to do list system notebook

How to Create a ‘To-do’ List System that Works

I love to-do lists. The satisfaction of crossing things off gives me a wonderful sense of achievement – whether it’s for personal reasons, or business. Having an effective to-do list system is really important for any busy business owner. Without a good, clear, easy to […]

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Growth mindset

Guest Blog – Master your Mindset to Succeed with Ease – by Will Aylward

Mindset- what comes to mind when you see that word? An athlete attacking the final stretch of a race? Perhaps a motivational speaker up on stage, sharing the age-old mantra ”It’s mind over matter”? One would be forgiven to believe Mindset only has business with […]

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Comfort Zones – How to smash through them and be more visible

Comfort zones – we all have them – that reassuring bubble which surrounds us, keeping us safe and seemingly* protected. Staying within our comfort zones means security, nothing ‘bad’ can happen; we won’t be criticised, judged, looked at or – dare I suggest – laughed […]

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