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Planning and Coaching


Planning your book is essential. In fact I’ve posted several articles on how to plan your book, plus detailed instructions on how to get started. But sometimes you need a little extra help.

Our ‘Blueprint Plan Service’ walks you through the process and gives you the backbone of your book. It is produced with enough detail to make the writing process (of the content) stress free and relatively easy. In fact, once you have this plan written your book will almost write itself. But it does require some time and effort.

Perhaps you’ve already written a plan, but not sure if it’s in enough detail, or you just want another pair of eyes (someone who knows what a good plan should look like) to take a look and make sure it covers everything it needs too? Well this planning service will make sure that it is.

What the service offers:

  • A brainstorm of ideas (what you want this book to do)
  • Making sure you’ve identified your target reader (critical)
  • Identified your call to action (What you want the reader to do once they’ve read the book)
  • A schedule for writing your plan/ or if you’ve written one, an overview of it’s content.

You will get an initial call with one of our team (usually 40 mins) to discuss where you’re at, then a second planning call, where we map out your book.

This service is £75 and can be booked in via email or telephone.

If you would like to discuss this planning service with us  – then get in touch by email at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or call on 02392 378625 and we can go over any questions or get you booked in.


Writing a book can seem daunting – where do you start? The title? The contents? There is so much to think about – which then gets you in a spin and you do nothing. The dream of being an author just seems like an impossible achievement or too much like hard work.

BUT you’re wrong.

With proper help, you CAN take your writing dream and make it into a reality. In fact, I’m so confident I can help you become an author I offer a money back guarantee!*

I’ve helped over 30+ business owners (who find writing a challenge or a chore) write a book that has helped position them as the ‘only logical choice‘ to their prospective clients. Writing a book as a way of getting qualified leads is one of the most effective ways to advertise your back end services and over 75% of my clients achieve over £15,000 of additional income because of their book.

However, it does take planning (mentioned above) and commitment and doing this on your own can be challenging.

This is why I offer a monthly coaching programme, especially designed for busy business owners who need help. I give one on one support, right from the beginning, and together we then produce a highly professional, properly printed book – ready to work for you and bring in highly targeted leads. All you need to do is follow my plan, finish the writing assignments I set each week and then you hand the word document over to me – and I DO THE REST!

My team and I work with business owners like you, who want to become an ‘expert’ within your niche and to write and use a book to generate high-quality sales leads and grow their business, fast.

Book Coaching

This is what we would cover;

  • Establishing the books contents and creating a ‘blueprint’ of your book (this part of the service is covered in your monthly fee) including:
    Getting a clear picture of your target audience (reader)
    Setting a clear ‘call to action’ – and what you want the book to do once the reader has read it.
  • Setting up a timetable of writing and setting achievable writing goals, so that you keep the project moving forwards.
  • Ongoing support – and regular feedback to new material written
  • Weekly calls to make sure you’re staying on track

With this coaching support, you stay on top of your writing goals, have someone hold you accountable (the single most influencing aspect of getting a large project finished) and on going support and feedback to make sure you’re on the right track.

The coaching starts off with a blueprint plan call (mentioned above) and then weekly catch up sessions – booked in advance and to your timetable.

Monthly coaching is £375.

To book in, or to have a no obligation chat about the service, please call 02392 378625 and one of our team will go through any questions. If you want to read how we’ve helped other business owners write their book, head over to the testimonials page.

I look forward to working with you.

Alexa Whitten. Your book coach