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Call to Actions – why they’re so important!

In order for your book to make sales on the back end (rather than making money on the sales of the books themselves) you need to make sure your book contains easy to follow, but enticing ‘Call to Actions’.

What are Call to Actions?
Call to Actions are the instructions you give within your book, that get the reader to ‘do something’ – for instance it could be to visit your website, or sign up for updates on your blog.

Something that is:

  • Of value to the reader
  • Allows you to ‘up sell’ a service or product

I have created a Call To Actions Cheat Sheet which explains what they are in much more detail, and how you implement them into your publication. (Just click on the link above and download it to your computer.)

It’s critical to have these within your book, and you should NEVER rely on people just ‘contacting’ you after reading your publication. You need to provide specific ‘actions’ for them to follow, as this is where you will make money – by the reader using follow up services that your book is outlining.

Just remember, make them clear, easy to follow, and don’t have too many of them, otherwise your reader will do none of them!

Let me know how you get on, and what you think of the report. Fill in the comment box below!