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The 4 Ingredients You Need to Have, Before you Start Writing Your Book

The 4 main ingredients you need to have before you start writing your book

  1. Defining your Target Audience –  Who are they? Define them. The more specific you are, the easier it is to write. Don’t think you can write to everyone – your message will be diluted. You will find you have a target audience and knowing who they are is critical when writing a book (and running a business)
  2. Having Clarity – What is the #1 message you are trying to impart? You may have more than one message – but it’s important to have clarity. If you can distil your message to one clear cut idea, then it’s much easier for your readers to follow. For instance, you may be a food blogger who loves healthy and nutritious food. Your book’s main message could be “healthy food = longer life” – and then you go on to explain why. Distilling your message may seem hard at first, but it’s a really helpful tool – as it keeps you focused and clear.
  3. Having a Clear Call to Action – what do you want after your book is published? More followers on Facebook? More subscribers to your list? Do you want them to call you, or email you? Don’t assume they will know – or that they will find you, if you haven’t given specific actions to take. It may be obvious to you – but not for your reader. Tell them, and tell them more than once. Don’t leave it till the end of the book either. This is the one step most people have difficulty with – as they feel they are ‘tooting their own horn’ – but people have bought your book, they want more info from you – so give it to them, in your call to action.
  4. Routes to Market – You need to think how you’re going to sell your book once you’ve published it. And DON’T just think Amazon!! Amazon is a good platform, BUT they take a hefty commission, and you then have no idea who is buying your book. (Amazon don’t tell you!) There are other ways of marketing your book (on your website, your landing page, Facebook etc) and I advise you get your book printed through a printer – so 100 or so and you sell them directly. POD printers are all well and good, but the quality is not so good, and you pay a premium for getting one book printed at a time. Also, think PR – think local press. Think local bookshops and think your list. You can get a list generated through your Facebook page – then once your book is out you market to that list.

I’ve created this handy download which covers all of the above, plus a work sheet you can use.

Once you’ve identified everything I’ve spoken about, then it’s time for the planning. This is an exciting part – but really important before you start. I’ve written a useful blog post on how to plan your book, but I also do ‘blueprint planning’ sessions if you feel you need that extra help. Simply email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com if you want to book in. Sessions start from £60.