Audiobook Production

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As audiobooks are rising in popularity, I’m delighted to offer audiobook production for your publication. If your printed book has been produced by The Book Refinery, then we can offer audiobook services for your project.

You’ll be working with me (Alexa), Lindsay (my audio book editor) and Nartan Rose Audiobooks.

Getting your book ready for audio narration requires several steps, which include the following:

  • A ‘preflight’ check. (The price is dependent on the word count.)
  • An initial consultation for the narration side of things.
  • Artwork for the cover (square not rectangular).
  • Additional material (if needed).

The most important step is the ‘preflight’ check. This is where your book is looked at for its readiness to be converted into an audiobook. If you didn’t write it with an audiobook in mind, you’ll need to accommodate some changes. This can be anything from converting significant images into words, or simply replacing any references to your ‘reader’ with a reference to your ‘listener’.

As The Book Refinery has produced the print book, we can arrange this part of the process for you. You’ll be given a separate quotation for getting your book audiobook ready, and this will take about a week to prepare (depending on the size of your book).

Whilst this is being done, you’ll be put in touch with Nartan, who’ll explain the narration side of the process. This is where you identify what kind of voice you’d like to narrate your book, and anything else you feel is important. Nartan will offer you up to three narrators to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen your narrator, it generally takes around four to six weeks to produce your audiobook.

Whilst your audiobook is being narrated, any artwork or additional material will be prepped, ready for upload.

The Book Refinery offers the option to upload your audiobook for you (price on request) appropriate to your project.

Once the audiobook for your book is complete, you’ll be responsible for marketing it.

Prices start at £8 per 1,000 words for editing your book (you’ll receive a bespoke quotation for your book), with an additional £315 per 9,000 words for the narration.

The minimum project price is £750.