Book Cover Design

This part of the process can be done at any stage, some even create their cover before they've started writing - it certainly acts as a good incentive to put pen to paper.

Others come to us for their book cover design when everything is written, as if subconsciously binding everything together.

Whatever stage you're at it'll be a pleasure to get your cover created and ready for print.

We proud of our bespoke design service - we don't use templates.

Self published book cover design service UK

starting from £195

Book cover designer UKGetting the right cover for your project is crucial, if you want your book to stand out and get attention. I've seen a rise in the 'do it yourself' type applications, but unless you know what you're doing, your book will scream 'self-published' as most authors don't know the elements required on a book jacket.

We offer book cover design at an affordable price, and have had lots of experience with getting the files ready for various publishing platforms, like KDP, Kindle and Ingram. (These companies require specific PDF output, and if you don't have the right tools and programmes, you'll struggle.)

Take a look at our Recent Projects on the home screen to see the many different types of jackets we have designed. We pride ourselves on making sure you get the right look for your book.

Our book cover design service includes:

  • 20 minute call to discuss your book cover ideas / plans or help with them if you're stuck so we can start creating your unique cover
  • Full book cover design, plus two revisions
  • One stock photo of your book with it's new cover for promotional purposes
  • One 3D image of your book cover for your marketing
  • And as a bonus, I'll include an ISBN number for your book if not already obtained.

Book cover design starts from £195*

Please get in touch with Alexa ( to find out more details and discuss your project.

*as covers are so creative final costs depends on each project. Plus, if you wish to use stock photography this is charged extra.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail feel free to call me on 02392 378625. Or, email me directly at with your details.

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