Publishing Your Book by Alexa Whitten
How To Create a Picture Storybook: A guide for children’s authors

Publishing Know How Series:

  • Publish Your Way to More Clients
  • How to Create a Picture Book; A Guide for Childrens authors
  • Publishing Your Book: What, How and Everything in between (Kindle and PDF edition only)

by Alexa Whitten

Published by Compass-Publishing UK

Series Synopsis:
Want to know how to get yourself seen as an expert in your field?
These two books help you plan, write and publish your book so that you can land more clients and charge more money for what you do.

Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?

by Deb Hawken

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 214 pages

A Handbook for positive change. This is a great book to help those who are needing help in difficult or confusing times.

The Murder Monologues

by Alexa Tewkesbury

A trilogy of murderous tales told through monologues released in 2022.

Read by actors including - Sarah-Jane Potts, Joseph Millson, Annie Tyson, Sara Powell and her son, John Aggett.

Each episode is 20-30 mins or so, so quite handy for a car journey, especially if you're stuck in traffic.

You can find Alexa's monologues on all podcast platforms.

The Little Mighty Book of Motivation Magic - Lara Doherty
The Little Book of Journal Prompts

The Mighty Motivation series:

  • The Mighty book of Motivation
  • The Little Book of Positive Affirmations
  • The Little Book of Journal Prompts

by Lara Doherty

Published by Compass-Publishing UK

Series Synopsis:
This collection of books are all about how to get inspired if you're in a slump.The first talks about how to get motivated and the importance of hormones, and the second and third are to help with writing affirmations and what to journal about.

Finding Happiness When It Hurts

A little book of comfort when feeling happy feels out of reach

by Lisa Brett

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 200 pages

This book of comfort is the perfect companion if you're feeling low and need help turning things around, it is filled with inspiring stories and anecdotes that can make you see the positive side of things, no matter how bad the situation may seem.

Life by Numbers Everything

You Need to Know to Become a Pet Psychic: How to Master the Secrets of Animal Communication

How to Live your Best Life Oracle Cards

by Elizabeth Lee-Crowther [Also under the name of Elizabeth Barber]

The Bookkeeper Rises: Build a successful bookkeeping business that works for you and gives you the life you really want

by Zoe Whitman & Jo Wood

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 286 pages

Aimed at any budding bookkeepers looking to grow their accountancy practice with case studies of actual accountants and how they grew their business using the tips shared in the book.

Know Your Numbers (second edition)

by Zoe Whitman

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 286 pages

Bookkeeping for small businesses, start-ups, and side hustles.

The British Flower Book

by Claire Brown

Photos by Emma Davies ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 244 pages

Seasonal cut flower inspiration and information for florists and other industries that need extensive flower information.

The Rescue & Lainy's Tale

by Sue Kittow - writing as S L Rosewarne

Published by Compass-Publishing UK

The Rescue:
A quirky tale of second chances, told through the eyes of woman’s best friend.

Lainy's Tale:

Suki is smitten with her new rescue, Lainy who struggles with PTSD and Suki doesn’t know how to help her dog. When she meets a musician whose music calms terrified Lainy, Suki thinks he’s the answer to her prayers. But he is not who he appears to be, and suddenly Suki’s happiness - and Lainy’s too - is at risk.

What is this man’s secret, and can Suki learn how to say no before he destroys their future?

Be Kind. No Excuses.

by Rie Pearson

Published by CP Print ~ 110 pages

Written by survivors to safeguard our children.

Wise Words: Design wisdom, inspiration and tips

by Bhavini Lakhani

Independently published ~ 100+ pages

100+ pages stacked full of colourful design wisdom, inspiration and tips to get your visuals on point.

How to Set Up Women's Circles: A Guide

by Ann Ball

Photos by Sarah Louise Johnson ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ women of all ages ~ 210 pages

Embrace the power of the circle, includes 12 inspiring themes, with readings, activities & meditations.

Celebrating Cacao - Sharing the history, myths and splendour of this sacred plant medicine

by Ann Ball

Published by Compass-Publishing UK

Celebrating the power and healing properties of cacao, with recipes, how to use and all the info you need. Your comprehensive introduction to the wonderful world of Cacao.

A Deadly Inheritance

by Jane McParkes

Published by Pencreek Publishing ~ 376 pages

An unputdownable Cornish cozy murder mystery.

Olivia Wells Mysteries (Book 1).

The C Word

by Naomi Flaherty

Published by Compass-Publishing UK

A collection of poems written by a cancer survivor

Hello Happiness

Hello Mr Beckett

by Carrie McGovern

Cover illustration by Lauren Osborne

Published by Embrace Publishing ~ Contains +18 material 

Series synopsis:
A relatable, contemporary, easy read romance, located in the UK. With strong female characters and likeable friendships it's easy to get caught up in the story.

All Access Sewing

by Rebecca Cole

Published by Compass-Publishing UK

How to adapt clothing to fit and feel comfortable for various disabilities and sensory requirements.

Cancer Diaries of an Ultra Runner

by Sandra Tullett

Published by Compass-Publishing UK - 178 pages

How an ultra runner got through her cancer diagnosis and how she continued running all the way through her treatment.

Project Human

by Bea Waters

Published by Alamandel Entertainment Inc. ~ 254 pages

Project Human is the first book in a series that will see Olivia unravel the mysteries of humanity's true origins, and attempt to unite us against the predators who would keep us enslaved. Before Olivia can bring humanity into the galactic community, she'll have to overcome insurmountable odds, getting humans to cooperate with each other, all the while trying to avoid the overlords who are intent on destroying her along with humanity's ultimate destiny.

The Hearts by Donna Caldwell

The Hearts

by Donna Caldwell

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 18+ contains adult content

Coming Soon (Summer 2024)