Wibby the Whale Who Likes to Pretend

by Finnegan McFinnegan

Edited by Alexa Tewkesbury ~ Independently Published ~ Ages 4-7 ~ 46 pages

”She's a happy, little whale who loves to play superhero!
But when REAL trouble comes along, it's her quick-thinking and kind heart that save the day!"

Inkcap & The Argaric Circle by Kylie Dixon
Inkcap and the blight of the bonnets by Kylie Dixon

The Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous series:

  • Inkcap & the Nethers
  • Inkcap & the Blight of the Bonnets
  • Inkcap & The Argaric Circle
  • Mushroom Mindfulness Colouring book

by Kylie Dixon

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Illustrated by Kylie Dixon ~ Ages 5-10

Series Synopsis:
The Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous is a secret world of tiny mushroom characters living in an allotment. Join Inkcap, a quick witted mushie and his beloved ink filled blowpipe as he embarks on a series of adventures on a mission to destroy the evil General Nyxus and his nettle army.

When Worley gets angry by Jodi Heyes

When Worley series:

  • When Worley Gets Brave
  • When Worley Gets Angry
  • When Worley Gets Jealous

by Jodi Heyes

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Illustrated by Jodi Hayes ~ Ages 3-7
Series Synopsis:
The When Worley series teaches children to learn how to recognise and understand their emotions through rhyming stories. With the help of his emotion monster friends, Worley learns simple techniques to help him self regulate and become the boss of his brain.

The "Uh-oh!" Series:

  • “Uh-Oh!” Said Flo
  • “Uh-Oh!” Said Snuffles
  • Jeremy the Un-Lucky Spider

by Samantha Miles (Thurlow) and Rachel Falber

Published by A Thousand Yellow Daisies ~ Illustrated by Rachel Fabler

Series Synopsis:
A Thousand Yellow Daisies imprint book series is a positive eco education series, featuring the first book following Flo the turtle and her challenges with plastic pollution and the second meeting Snuffles the hedgehog as him and his friends search for a safety amid all of the different polluting obstacles found in nature.

Don't be silly - Laura Maclennan
Be More Seth Colouring Book by Laura Maclennan

The Seth and the Rainbow Monsters Series:

  • Don't be Silly!
  • Don't be Scared!
  • Be More Seth Colouring Book
  • Eliza and the Dragon (coming out in Sept 23)

by Laura Maclennan

Illustrated by Kylie Dixon ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Age 4-9

Series Synopsis:
These books look at the importance of being kind, and how you can teach your children to be kind and #BeMoreSeth. Featuring the rainbow monsters, each with their distinct personality (everyone has a favourite) these are a must in any childrens book library.

The Roundabout Rabbits

by Lisa and Mark Cryer

Illustrated by Kylie Dixon ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ 32 pages ~ ages 4-7

This husband and wife team have written stories that feature rabbits that live on a roundabout. Inspired by where Mark works - these beautifully illustrated books take you on an adventure based in Newcastle and features some iconic landmarks within the city.

The Many Eggs of Yorktown

by Steven Udale

Illustrated by Kylie Dixon ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK

Ed and his Adventures in Yorktown:
This debut book is about Ed the egg, who has a magic bobble hat which gets him out of all sorts of scrapes and trouble.

The Benedict Brothers:
Meet the Benedict brothers of Yolktown! They spend all their time being mean and naughty. Ed doesn't like it. Not one bit. But how can he get them to change?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like…?

by Catherine Green

Illustrated by Kylie Dixon. ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Ages 4-7 ~ 34 Pages

A book full of curious questions to get little minds thinking about all sorts of wonderful random musings. Perfect for children who ask lots of questions and this book has two endings, depending on what time of day it’s read.

The Adventures of Perry and Pippin

by Angela Duffy

Illustrated by Sharon Ratcliffe ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Ages 4-7 ~ 34 pages

Join two adorable rabbits, Perry and Pippin as they meet each other for the first time. It's not an instant friendship, but follow their story as they become best friends.

The Adventures of Compost the Cat

by Nicola Wood

Illustrated by Lesley Thurlbeck ~ Published by ~ Ages 3-7 ~ Available in many formats, so page count varies

The Adventures of Compost is a children’s book series which shows inclusion and diversity through a variety of disabilities and is accessible in many formats.

Chloe Atkinson - The Shadow Monsters
Everyone Hates Rats by Chloe Atkinson

The Shadow Monsters

Everyone Hates Rats

by Chloe Atkinson

Illustrated by Kylie Dixon ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Ages 3-7

Trevor The Ferret

by Amy Nolan

Illustrated by Amy Nolan ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Ages young to old ~ 64 pages

This is a fabulously funny book featuring Trevor the Ferret - Every big ambition needs a big, ferrety plan!

Wizard Beano and Pals

by Paula Fowler

Illustrated by Kylie Dixon ~ Published by Compass Publishing UK ~ 42 pages


If you believe in magic, however old you are, these stories are for you.

Through this collection of enchanting tales, you can follow Wizard Beano around the Sunderland area as he spreads friendship and kindness, and sprinkles his magic. And, sometimes, that’s all we need.

Spikey by Tereza Hepburn
Spikey and the Caterpillar Sausage Cat by Tereza Hepburn

Spikey Series

by Tereza Hepburn

Illustrated by Mike Phillips ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Ages 5-9

Beautifully illustrated books to be read by adults to children, telling the story of Spikey the Hedgehog and his adventures in Regents Park. The books are cleverly designed to ask questions throughout, for both young and older readers. The stories are based on friendships, dreams, aspirations and overcoming challenges.

How Does Your Garden Grow

By Jodie James

Illustrated by Rachael Sligo ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ for ages 4-7

A lovely story about the flowers in British Gardens as well as cute characters who help steer the flowers to stop arguing.

The Explorers Series

by Victoria Downes

Illustrated by Kathryn Gander ~ Published by Wallnook Books ~ Ages 3-7 ~ 32 pages


The books follow the children, teachers and animals at Explorers Daycare; a nursery set on a working farm.

In Spring into Explorers, the children journey round the farm and find that there’s learning everywhere! They spot wildlife, meet a new calf and see a lamb being born.

In Goodbye Explorers, the preschool children are preparing to leave nursery and start Big School. Flo and Bertie think about the future and try to learn the songs they’ll perform on stage.

Sam's Real Adventure

By Kirsten Elder

Illustrated by Lauren Osborne ~ Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ for ages 4-7

Sam always has his head in a book and can never get himself dressed in the morning...

The Beastly Baron of Beaux Bottom

by Jeremy Hullah

Illustrated by Zsuzsa Goodyer ~ Published by Digit Publications ~ for ages 6-12

A cautionary tale about the importance of keeping promises.

The Tidy-Up Terrors

by Bev Walton

Illustrated by Brian Lee

‘You’re up there, I know. Now, TIDY YOUR ROOM!’
This is the call of mam to her son... but why won't he tidy his room? Perhaps his imagination will spur him to do so...

Around the World Piano Course

By Shirley Camfield

Illustrated by Shirley Camfield ~ Published by Compass Publishing UK ~ 44-46 pages

Around the World Piano Course is a series of books that progress from absoute beginner to more proficient ability. Aimed at young pianists, these books are illustrated and have basic theory included.


by Tracey Horner

Illustrated by Lauren Osborne

Published by Compass-Publishing UK ~ Ages 4-7 ~ 32 pages

‘As he sees the others play, his head fills with concern.
Frogsby cannot swim, you see - he’s too afraid to learn.’

Join Frogsby in this delightful rhyming story about a frog, who, with a little help from his friends, finds the strength and determination to overcome his fears.