Editing & Proofreading — How it Works

Once you’ve written the draft, your book will need to be looked at by an editor to make sure it reads correctly and is free of mistakes and any reading issues.

This part of the process is not cheap – but it's critical to your project. Any writer who has used my coaching programme is strongly advised to have the book copy edited and proofread.

Each process is done slightly differently, and it’s why they are listed as two separate services – some (albeit very few) only require a proofread – but most require both. They are done at two different stages of the book's journey, and it’s important to understand the difference between the two.

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 Editing iconStructural Edit - for non-fiction

A ‘structural edit’ looks at your non-fiction book as a whole – to make sure it flows as it should. (This is usually for people who have not used our coaching service, and have just given us their written document – ready for editing)

There are three main elements your book must have in order for it to convert your readers into buying customers and clients. In fact, without them, you might as well not bother printing and publishing it, as it won’t convert as many prospective customers as it could do.

Are you certain your book includes these three elements?

If omitted, these critical components will not be spotted by your proofreader, nor by your typesetter. So someone who has experience writing books for lead generation must see it first – and tell you if they are missing.

I’ve helped many business owners write and publish books for lead generation. One of my clients who is a marketing expert forgot to include one of these 3 elements, and I had to remind him it was missing. A big mistake on his part if he had omitted it!

The structural edit includes a full read-through of your book, an hour's consultation by telephone and an evaluation of your book's readiness for lead generation purposes. This includes strategies for any missing elements, and how to include them into your project without any lengthy re-writes.

The cost of this service is £275.00.

Writing iconCopy Editing

No matter the type if book you're writing, every book needs an edit. A copy edit is where the book is amended at sentence level and helps to make your writing clear and succinct.

Whilst the book you’ve written makes perfect sense to you, the author, it may not be so clear to your readers. You may have inadvertently used phrases and words that aren't suitable for your audience.

A professional copy editor should be able to clarify your draft, rewrite anything that doesn't make sense and allow the reader to enjoy your book.

Our editing is done once the book has been written, and usually takes three weeks to complete. The editor will email you with any questions about the text, ask for clarification or check if bits have been re-written.

Copy Editing fiction and business non-fiction: Per 1,000 words from £14

Copy editing children's books (word count from 300 -1,200) start from £250

Editing iconProofreading

Proof reading is where spelling mistakes are picked up – and punctuation and grammar are checked. It’s not as intense as a copy edit, but it’s an important step in your book’s journey. We usually recommend a proof read once the book has been copy edited – and done at a separate time, so that your book can be as error free as possible.

We usally offer this service once the book has been typeset.

We don't tend to offer proofreading only, as most books require a copy-edit first.

Proof reading fiction and business non-fiction: Per 1,000 words from — £9.00

Proofreading a childrens picture book: This is usually included in the copy-edit package.

If you have any questions about any of our services, just get in touch. Email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or call: 07935 366630.