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At a glance checklist for planning and writing your book

Before you start:

Ask yourself the 3 critical questions:
1. Is it relevant to what you stand for?
2. Do people want to know what you’re writing about?
3. What’s your call to action.

Planning Stage:

What to write about – create your niche.
Profile your target audience & write to THEM, not you.
Define the book’s ultimate purpose for your business -> Create a stong call to action.


Use the 7 Step Process to write your book:
1. Brainstorm a compelling title and subtitle.
2. Plan the outline – Use mind mapping software, or notepad.
3. Set a date and work backwards – page count each day.
4. Flesh out each point on your plan.
5. Type your book or dictate and record audio then edit the transcription.
6. Review and Refine.
7. Get the document professionally proofread and or copyedited.

If Self publishing:
Obtain ISBN number.
Source a typesetter.
Research printers.

Self Publishing Check List 2016