The Pen to Published Podcast

With Alexa Whitten and Alexa Tewkesbury

Are you thinking of writing a book, perhaps you've started, but got a bit stuck?

Or you have an idea but don't know where to start?

The Pen to Published podcast is all about the self-publishing option - and how you need to think of 'who you are writing for, how you are going to market it, and what steps you need to include on your writing journey.'

We will be covering;

  • Planning your book, and why that's critical,
  • editing your book - why that's important,
  • how to get the book looking great, typesetting tips and cover design,
  • and finally how to market your book.

We cover fiction, children's books, and business books too.

The Pen to Published Podcast

Series One: Getting Started

This series explains all the things you need to know BEFORE you start writing. You're introduced to Alexa Tewksbury (editor, and author) and Alexa Whitten, (Typesetter, independent publisher and author) and they tell you all things any keen writer needs to know when they embark on the author journey. All the series will end with an author interview, and for series one, it was Kylie Dixon, author of Inkcap and the Nethers. (Her second book, Inkcap and the blight of the bonnets to be released in Oct)


Series Two: The Editing Process

In this series the two Alexa's talk all things editing. So, how the process works, what to look out for, how to choose your editor and what to expect when your manuscript gets edited. This is an invaluable resource for any new author to be, so subscribe and listen for insightful information which will help you understand a complex process.


NEW! Series Three: Typesetting

Starting January 4th (episodes released every Tuesday), this latest series is all about typesetting. How to make sure your book stands out; from creating the cover, to clear, easy to read formatting inside. There is an art to book design and so many first time authors make classic mistakes when they self-publish. This series will steer you on the right path to setting out your book.

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