Typesetting and Printing—How it works

Now we get to the exciting part of your book's journey – making it look like a proper book! This requires a few steps ⇒ laying your book out, and then getting it printed.

Getting Your Book Ready to be Printed.

Before we send your book to the printers, it needs to be laid out (typeset) and exported to print ready PDF files. You have a few options on how to do this, they include;

  1. You can do it yourself (but you will need to use a desktop publishing programme) – see my Design & Styles Tips for Book Design for more information.
  2. You can use an author house, like Lulu, Author House or CreateSpace – these are all good options if you’re happy to be published by these well known ‘self publishing’ type companies, however the options of layout are limited and you don’t get a one on one service, it’s a click and upload style fulfilment solution which you need to do yourself. See this blog post for full details on how to publish your book with these companies.
  3. Or use a book design/typesetting service which will do this all for you.

Typesetting iconTypesetting

We can establish exactly what your book needs, in terms of style and formatting, typeset your book accordingly, design your cover, provide you with an ISBN number (critical if you want to sell on sites like Amazon) and print it for you all under one roof. You don’t need to organise anything, we take all the stress away and do it for you.

If you’ve used our coaching service, then we will have already spoken about design and have some clear ideas of how you want your book to look.

If you haven’t used our coaching service, then we can discuss what style of book you want (size, style, types of fonts, etc) and design a look bespoke to you. (Something that isn’t available if you use sites like Amazon and Lulu – as they use templates which are already pre-designed.)

What you get:

  • An initial call to go through styling (I encourage you to look at books you like the style of before the call)
  • Any branding that needs to be included in the book
  • Test pages, and font selection
  • Cover design
  • ISBN number (if you are going to be selling your book on Amazon, or in book stores)
  • 3D image to use for marketing
  • A PDF version for in house use, and a shorter teaser PDF for getting interest in your book. (Some clients like to offer the first chapter for free, with a link to the whole book.)
  • Plus how to get your book listed on Amazon.
  • We also register your book on Nielsen book data which is seen by over 3,000 distributors in the UK.


We get lots of people enquiring about how much their book will cost, and as each book can be completely different, in terms of page numbers and size, it’s usually very difficult to price due to the bespoke style of service we offer.

However, we have come up with a pricing structure that is based on word count. (Note: All these prices are based on the copy being fully copy edited and proof read, please see this page for more details.)

Up to 32,000 words – Standard size, up to and including Royal, 234mm x 156mm
This includes everything listed above – £850

Up to 45,000 words – Standard size, up to and including Royal, 234mm x 156mm
This includes everything listed above – £925

Up to 60,000 words – Standard size, up to and including Royal, 234mm x 156mm
This includes everything listed above – £995

I also offer full typesetting and printing packages – to include 150 printed books – these are available upon request.

Cover Design

Getting the right cover for your project is crucial, if you want to book to stand out and get attention. I've seen a rise in the 'do it yourself' type applications, but unless you know what you're doing, your book will scream 'self-published' as most authors don't know the elements required on a book jacket.

We offer book cover design at an affordable price, and have had lots of experience with getting the files ready for various publishing platforms, like CreateSpace and Ingram. (These companies require specific PDF output, and if you don't have the right tools and programmes, you'll struggle.)

Take a look at our Recent Projects on the home screen to see the many different types of jackets we have designed. We pride ourselves on making sure you get the right look for your book and have one-on-one discovery sessions to make sure it's tailor made just for you. (We don't use any templates) so you can be assured of a bespoke design.

Prices start from £115 - and this includes full cover, front cover, (for your website), and print ready PDF's for your publishing platforms.

We can also design Facebook and twitter banners that match your cover, so that your social media side of marketing is in line with your book.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail feel free to call me on 02392 378625. Or, email me directly at alexa@thebookrefinery.com with your details. You can also fill out our online enquiry form.

Printing iconPrinting

Once your book is laid out (explained above) or if you already have print ready PDF files, we can then get your book printed.

You have a few options with how to print your book, including:

  • Uploading your book to CreateSpace and Lulu – who then print and distribute your book for you.
  • POD – Print on Demand (they get printed as they are ordered)
  • Traditional printers, where you get 25+ books printed at one time and you fulfil the orders.

Understanding the differences between these options is really important – and I urge you to read my pinned post ‘Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing – The Facts’  as it covers the different types of printing that are available to you.

Each printing method has its pros and cons – and without knowing the details of your project, we can’t really recommend one over the other – although in my experience, POD, although less costly up front, usually is an inferior product and I have yet to hear an author who is delighted with a POD book. In fact we have taken over several printing projects that used POD, and then decided to use traditional printers instead.

Choosing the right paper and style for your book is really important – so it’s critical you know the facts. Any printer you use should offer a sample.

Our Printing Service

If you decide to opt for the traditional printing service, we can manage the process for you.

As each book is different (paper type, page count and size), we can give you a quote upon request once we have the details.

The quote includes:

  • A fully managed service, of uploading files and dealing with the printer – you just send us the PDF
  • A printed proof of your book – sent to you for your approval
  • Delivery of your books to one UK address

We offer both softback and hardback printing options, with a wide variety of papers. Just get in touch with your details and specifications and we can get you a quote.

If you have a project underway that you would like to discuss, or you have any further questions about everything listed here, get in touch. Either email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or call me on 02392 378625 and we will be happy to discuss your project.

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