5-Day Kick-Starter Course to Get Your Book Planned and Written


In brief, here’s what the course covers;

  • Day 1 – Identifying your niche, why that is really important and how you can use that to point your readers to your high paying items.
  • Day 2 – Identifying your readers – equally critical as this will help you with your routes to market. I also include some tips on how to sell, and where.
  • Day 3 – Your core message, and why this book is of interest to your readers.
  • Day 4 – What is your call to action? (What do you want people to do once they’ve read the book)
  • Day 5 – The Plan. How to write it and what to include.




Make 2020 the year you get your book written with my easy to follow 5-Day Kick-Starter Course to Get Your First Book Planned and Written.

Have you wanted to write a book for quite a while now, but never really knew how to start? My 5 day online course gets your first book planned and started.

The beauty of this course is it gets momentum… once you have your plan, writing is then very easy.

This course is the complete opposite of overwhelming, so it’s perfect for busy business owners just like you, who want to get on with it.

The course will land in your inbox within the hour.

Let’s do this!

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