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Become an expert by using this simple strategy!

I am going to be sharing with you a quick overview of how you can write a book (within your business niche) for lead generation, including the three ways you can use this tactic to add many hundreds of targeted prospects into your sales funnel, which you can then nurture into paying customers or clients.

Writing a book does many things for you, from elevating yourself out of ‘just another service provider’ into the ‘expert’ realm which then propels you into being the ‘only logical choice’ in the eyes of your prospective customer or clients.

The strategy is simple; you as a business owner or service provider write a book on a specific area of your business that your customers have the most frustration with. Or you write a book on how to solve the most common problem your clients face. The book doesn’t have to be long – usually 60 pages of A4 translates into a 128 page A5 size softback and is then printed and marketed as the front end tool to get new prospects into your sales system.

It’s important that the book explains the problem your customers face and how it’s vital that they fix that problem. However you don’t give them the exact formula to solve it. You give them the overview, or rather the ‘quick install’ instructions, and then you scatter throughout the book how you are able to solve their problem for them with well-placed call to actions.

This then does 2 things:

  1. You’re perceived as an expert – well you’ve written a book*, so you must know what you’re talking about
  2. You become the ‘go to person’

Once your book is written and formatted, you can then set up special lead pages that offer your book and direct traffic to those lead pages with print ads and other marketing tactics.
You can also sell your book on sites like Amazon.com and direct customers or clients to buy your book from there (although there is one big drawback using this strategy so be careful) as well as other large internet based book selling companies.

Here are 3 ways of using your book for lead generation – just remember whichever way you choose (and you could come up with a strategy of your own) make sure the process is simple. Explain why the prospect needs to read your book, and ensure the follow up sequence naturally leads the reader to the next step.

Here are the 3 possible strategies:

  1. Free download of book (provided as a PDF) – with an opportunity to get the physical book for free (just pay for P&P)
  2. Free download of the first 2 chapters (provided as a PDF) – with an opportunity to get the rest of the physical book for full price (or a special offer)
  3. Free download of the contents (like the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon.com) – with an opportunity to get the full PDF download for a set price.

I have had clients which have used all three strategies and each of them work very well so why not implement this strategy into your marketing mix.

Writing a book doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. In fact it’s quick and simple when you know how. In fact if you get a book coach on board you could have your book written and published in as little as 12 weeks!

I have been helping business owners write book specifically for lead generation for over 2 years now and know the tricks and tips from initial idea, to the paperback being available on Amazon.

Fill in the form below telling me a bit about your project. Or if you only have a seed of an idea, then let me know and we can have a quick chat to develop your thoughts further. Just remember to fill in the code you received when you got the email.

Being a published author can really posture you as an ‘expert’ and raise your profile above your competitors.

Fill in the form below and let’s get this strategy working for you!

*It is vital that you write the book in an impartial and genuinely helpful way. Don’t write a book that is all sales copy, and talks solely about you and your company.
This won’t propel you into expert status, and your readers will probably stop reading after the first few pages, defeating the object of the book.