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Special offer! (But act fast…. limited time only)

It’s already January and for many that means new resolutions, new opportunities and hopefully better results from the previous year. (Not forgetting the new diet, great deals in the sales and promises of last years resolutions being followed THIS time! 🙂 )

So I thought, what better way to kick of this new year than with a great offer, specifically designed for those who have put ‘Become a Published Author’ on their 2012 to-do list.

Writing a book on your own can be hard work. But it doesn’t have to be. Having a book coach can guide you through the planning stage (and create what I call the ‘blueprint plan’), making sure you’re writing to your target audience, helping you stay on track and ensuring you’re including all of the special ingredients your book needs to have so that it’s successful at converting readers into clients.

With my help we can get your blueprint plan up and running in no time – and within a few weeks your book will be writing itself!

This special offer is available only for a short time but can be redeemed whenever you wish. I know getting back into the swing of things after the holidays can take a few weeks so there is no time limit to access your coaching, YOU are in the driving seat!

So, what is this special offer? Well it’s a full four weeks of coaching for only £125 (normally £250!). And as all of the planning is done in this first month, you can then get on with the writing (once your blueprint plan is completed your book will literally write itself) and within 12 weeks your book could be finished! I’m also including a full refund* if not entirely satisfied – so there is no risk on your part!

Your first 4 weeks of coaching includes:

  • Initial consultation (usually 1 hour)
  • Blueprint planning module (how to create your blueprint plan)
  • Overview of Call to Action
  • Unlimited access to me by email
  • Set up of weekly calls (usually 1 a week of 30 min duration)
  • Plan of action/timetable

So by the end of this month you could be well on your way to getting that book completed, and into the hands of your future clients and customers…just think what that could do for your business!

What’s the catch?

The only thing that I require from you is commitment to the project. With my help and motivation your chances of finishing the book are almost guaranteed, compared to the majority of business owners who start their book with little to no planning and zero accountability it’s no wonder they struggle to complete it.

Having accountability is one of the best ways to stay on track and keep the project moving forward. Something that many ‘busy’ business owners have the most difficulty with.

Robert Wilson, Author of ‘Caring For Your leather Furniture Made Eaz…y‘ writes:

“I was very skeptical at first, about hiring a book coach, as I wasn’t convinced they would be able to help me….”

But then goes on to say…

“However I hired Alexa, and from then on the project ran smoothly and on time. We had regular calls to see how I was getting on, and Alexa set out tasks for me to do in regards to writing my book – which helped me focus and get a great product at the end.”

In fact, Robert’s project took less than 7 weeks to complete, and he is now using his book to get new customers into his sales funnel, and converting them into paying customers.

You can too!

All you need to do is click on the paypal button below and I will be in touch to get your first consultation in my diary. We will then take a look at your project (whether it’s a seed of an idea, or many pages sitting on your hard drive) and get you started with your plan of action.

But act quickly! I’m only offering my four weeks of coaching at half price for 48 hours. Once the deadline’s up, that’s it. My coaching goes back to my normal fee of £250 a month.

So just click on the paypal button now – and I will be in touch. If you don’t want to start your coaching straight away, don’t worry. We will set up a time that is right for you – and get you booked into my diary when you’re ready. Just let me know this when I first contact you.

Click on the button below, and let’s get that ‘Become a Published Author’ well on it’s way to completion!

Alexa Whitten, Your book coach

Don’t forget, this offer is only valid for 48 hours…so don’t delay. Or if you have any further questions, find me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or @yourbookcoach (on twitter).

*The refund is valid once the initial consultation has finished. If after that call you feel I can’t help you, or you’ve changed your mind (for whatever reason) then simply let me know at the end of the call and I will refund you the full £125. However, once you start your coaching then the refund is no longer valid.