Here's a selection of testimonials and feedback from current and past clients:

Catherine Green - Have you ever wondered what it's like ...?

Have you ever wondered by Catherine Green

Alexa is a typesetting extraordinaire. When I first came to her, I didn't have the slightest inkling of what was involved. She explained each part in simplistic terms to me with patience and honestly, whilst also allowing space for my own ideas.

She is extremely supportive and when you decide to use Alexa, you're not only getting her typesetting experience, you're also getting a genuinely lovely person who shouts out about you and your book at every possible opportunity. You won't regret having Alexa typeset your work.

Catherine Green - Buy your copy here

Mark and Lisa Cryer - Roundabout Rabbits

Roundabout Rabbits by Mark and Lisa Cryer

When my husband and I approached Alexa to typeset and publish our first children's book it would be fair to say we were clueless.

She took us through each stage, holding our hands and allowed me to be a perfectionist at the same time!

Everything from the layouts to choosing the size and finish of the book, Alexa came up with brilliant ideas that made our little book even more special.

We’re really proud of what we achieved and we couldn’t have done it without Alexa’s guidance and expertise.

Lisa Cryer - Buy your copy here.

George Halfin - A Life Less Serious

A LIfe Less Serious Edited by George Halfin

Working with Alexa has been an absolute pleasure. When I came to her, I had a cover design and I really wanted the inside of the book to compliment it and equally express what it was about. Through her creativity and skill she more than delivered and I am delighted with how it has turned out. To me the whole design honours the personal stories and feelings shared in the words.

Producing a book, especially one, which is anthology like mine, is not an easy process and Alexa could not have been more supportive or helpful. Plus, for a first time publisher myself her knowledge is experience is invaluable. They say it takes a village to raise a child well it definitely takes a supportive team to launch a book and Alexa is someone you really want on your team. She has again and again gone above and beyond and I can’t thank her enough and I would definitely recommend her.

George Halfin - Buy your copy here

Ken Elphinstone - Luna, a Travellers tale


Luna by Ken Elphinstone

It is almost easy to offload stories in your mind compared to getting them to print.

Alexa and the Book Refinery have not only smoothed the path but guided my ignorance into fulfilling a dream. It is only now I can, with confidence, work on new projects knowing the book refinery has my back.

From the outset and without looking down at my ignorance, Alexa highlighted the business, and graphical illustration sides of the task of bringing my tale from drafted words to printed book.

Already, I have another story in its edit stage and have begun a follow up of my first book.

Thank you, Alexa.

Ken Elphinstone - Buy your copy here.

Matt Main - A Gold Medal is a Wonderful Thing

Image of A Gold Medal is a Wonderful Thing book cover

After writing my first book, with all the ensuing excitement and enthusiasm bubbling and swirling around inside me, I searched online for services that could help with type-setting and cover designs. I came across Alexa and The Book Refinery and got in touch. From that point on, everything was natural and intuitive. Alexa was quick to respond, give feedback, provide samples and explain the process. I didn't hesitate to proceed and everything has worked out wonderfully.

Beyond completing an excellent job on the layout and cover design, Alexa has also provided assistance with the ISBN and other necessary action points to help give me and my book a platform for success.

I strongly recommend The Book Refinery to anybody who wants a professional, personable, tailored, supportive and effective service to help with the design, publishing and printing of their book, and many other additional services.

Matt Main - Buy your copy here and connect with Matt on instagram @mattmainlife

Martin Boon - Monkey PokeyMonkey Pokey by Martin Book

This project is my first of its kind, writing a book, arranging illustrating, setting up a publishing company, then typesetting and printing. So, I could have easily been compared to a blind Rhino in a china shop. Alexa though, took all my energy and marginally wide ideas, tamed them and controlled them, resulting in the beautiful Children's Book, 'Monkey Pokey', that is about to be released. Many, many thanks. I will return for the sequel.

Martin Boon - Buy your copy here.

M J Elliott - New Blood

Image of New Blood book cover

Alexa was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the first initial phone call, where she explained the process to me, right through to dealing with the printers for me it was a seamless and smooth process.

Sometimes in life you meet people who excel in their field and Alexa is certainly one of those people. I have been fortunate enough to work with people on all of my books who take pride in what they do and again Alexa fits that bill. A true professional who is easy to get on with and who delivers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Alexa to anyone looking for a partner in self publishing. Five stars all the way for me. Thanks Alexa, it's been a pleasure.

Michael Elliott - Buy your copy here.

Charles Bevan - Development Aid


Some four years ago I was persuaded by some alumni to write a historyDevelopment Aid - Charles Bevan of a small progressive school I attended in the 1950s.I knew from the start that I would need to self-publish as the potential market was at most a few hundred people. Alexa Whitten and The Book Refinery came to the rescue. In a short period my manuscript was turned into a proper book, and Alexa also helped me set up an Amazon account. In fact, the book has been surprisingly popular, a second print run was needed, and I still get orders now and again from Amazon.

So, when in 2021 I finished the text of a book I have been writing for nearly 40 years about my career in helping poor countries develop their economies, I got in touch with Alexa. Once again, she has done wonders, and Development Aid: The good the bad and the ugly now has the all important ISBN number. The draft text I sent initially was really a bit too long and full of little mistakes and poor references. Helped by her brilliant copy editor, Lindsay Corten, the text was professionally polished, and I now have a book I am very pleased with. Alexa has also helped me get this book on the new ‘print on demand’ service provided by Amazon. There is no doubt Alexa & her team are publishing professionals able to help with all aspects of a book from its size layout and cover. Not only are they full of good idea they are well organised easy to approach, and what is more they provide a very good value friendly service.

Charles Bevan - Buy your copy here.

M.A. O'Keefe - Jahamunite

Jahamunite - Mandy O'Keefe

Working with Alexa has been wonderful, so beneficial to have someone who knows what they are doing and has people working with her who are talented and professional. My books have arrived from the printers and I am very pleased with the finished product.


M.A. O'Keefe - Buy your copy here.

Don't be silly - Laura MaclennanLaura Maclennan - Don't Be Silly!


From her very first email, Alexa has been an absolute dream come true to work with. Getting Don’t Be Silly! out into the world never once felt stressful or scary due to the immediate trust I felt for Alexa and her team, to keep me and my characters safe in our book ventures. I am so thankful for Alexa’s guidance and honesty; knowing what was right for every single page but for also not being afraid to tell me what wasn’t right whilst being respectful of my work and ideas. No question was unimportant and never once did I feel like an imposter trying to play at being an author. Alexa encouraged me, heard me, and helped me fulfil my dream with an intoxicating mix of professionalism and fun. Her knowledge is invaluable, her skillset outstanding and communication wonderful. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed and could not be prouder to have Compass Publishing and The Book Refinery steer my debut into the authory world. I couldn’t recommend enough if I tried, they’ve not invented the words yet.

Laura Maclennan - Buy your copy here.

J.M. Hope - Callandra and the Crystal Caverns

Callandra and the Crystal Caverns - J.M. Hope

I’ve often written pieces to offload various ideas that constantly swirl around in my head, but lockdown presented me with the ideal opportunity to produce a book.  I had absolutely no idea how to go about the business of publishing my dream.  I read up about it online and realised that I would need to self-publish.  Just by chance, or was it? A colleague announced on Facebook that she had just had a book published, so I asked her for a link to her publisher.

I spoke to Alexa at the Book Refinery, and she explained how everything worked.  She sent me clear and concise terms of business, and oversaw the whole business from start to finish.  Importantly, she always answered emails promptly and gave good advice.  She was straight forwards and honest in her assessment of any work presented and ensured that everything was done according to her high standards.

If I write another book, I will be back!

Thank You for everything.


J.M. Hope - Buy your copy here.

All the Days of my Life - Penelope FlintPenelope Flint - All The Days Of My Life


I wanted to get All The Days Of My Life, originally published by Hodder in 1989, accessible online, especially in view of another book due to be published, hopefully later this year. We needed help updating the book format and preparing it for upload to Kindle.

My daughter, who has a publishing background, googled various websites and found The Book Refinery to be clear and very professional, offering reasonable rates. Alexa proved both scrupulous and enthusiastic, providing ideas for a new cover and guiding us through the initial editing process, more onerous than usual, being a republishing venture. She then completed the job rapidly, producing something which we both think is an improvement on the original, right down to the formatting, font, size and paper type.

We are both extremely pleased with the result and would certainly recommend The Book Refinery to prospective authors. Thank you, Alexa!

Penelope Flint - Buy your copy here.

Emily Andrew - Planning Your Marquee Wedding

Planning Your Marquee Wedding - Emily Andrew

Wooohooo! My book is finally published and is looking beautiful! I would never have achieved this without Alexa's endless patience and expertise! Thank you!!

Emily Andrew - Buy your copy here.

Petr Horák - Take My Word For It

Take My Word For It - Petr Horák

Alexa came recommended by my editor and took my breath away with her service and expertise! All my apprehensions about unscrupulous publishers vanished as I worked with her.

Without taking away my autonomy, Alexa advised and guided me and ultimately produced a beautifully typeset book in both digital and paper form.

I can recommend Alexa to anybody, including those who are uncertain whether to publish or not. In my case, it was definitely one of the best steps I’ve taken outside my comfort zone!

Finally, after twelve years, I have achieved my dream. Thank you, Alexa.

Petr Horák - Buy your copy here.

Jodi Heyes - When Worley Gets Brave

When Worley Gets Brave – Jodi HeyesWhere to begin? I can honestly say there are no words to describe how grateful I am that my path crossed with Alexa's. If it wasn't for her support right from the get go that it was even possible for me to become a published children's author, I would still just be sat at home making powerpoint books for my daughter.

I stumbled upon The Book Refinery's webpage as well as Compass Publishing whilst looking into self publishing.  It was the one website I found that actually made sense.  It was written in a way that I just knew I wanted to contact Alexa.  Our first phone call had me grinning from ear to ear.  Her enthusiasm just radiated throughout the conversation and she gave me the boost I needed.

I have always suffered with low self-esteem and belief in myself but she was able to restore that in me and has massively helped my confidence throughout my whole book publishing journey. Her knowledge and expertise are impeccable. She really knows her stuff and was able to advise me in the best ways possible, always keeping my personal style intact.  I am overwhelmed by the final product and the process itself has been an enjoyable one.  Whenever I had a question, she was at the end of the phone or email to answer.

She has inspired me to chase my dream.  Believe that the impossible is actually possible. Not only that, she has put me in touch with fellow authors and helped me make really meaningful connections where I feel I have made some real friends along the way. It actually makes me well up talking about the whole process as she really has touched my heart.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunities she has given me and I will definitely be staying in touch for the next instalment in the Worley the Worry Monster series.  Alexa, you are actually amazing and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough!

Jodi Heyes - Buy your copy here.

Kylie Dixon – Inkcap and the Nethers

Inkcap and the Nethers by Kylie Dixon

Do you believe in fate and magical things?...my first children's book writing experience is woven with fate and magical happenings. Finding Alexa was one of these very happenings. From the moment I received my first email response back from Alexa after my ramblings on how to attempt to publish a book, I knew our relationship would be the perfect fit for what I wanted to achieve. Alexa has taken my crazy ideas and developed them into a beautiful piece of artwork. My book isn't just a story its a beautiful work of art. Alexa has a superb skill in hearing your vision and creating something so bespoke to your needs its quite wonderful to be part of. Not only is Alexa experienced at knowing which angle to position your book with your targeted market but she is invested from the word go in being part of your journey. I am so grateful for the support and the guidance I have had from Alexa and none of this magic would have happened if I hadn't nervously approached her a few months ago. I had a very tight deadline and this was achieved ahead of time. I cannot wait to continue my magical journey with Alexa for a whole book series and I look forward to seeing the beautiful books she will create.

Kylie Dixon – December 2020

Josh Black—author of ‘Personal Best’

Personal Best by Josh Black“Alexa is simply amazing.

Having worked in marketing and advertising for some of the world’s largest brands (brands like PepsiCo, Gatorade, Unilever and Nike), my standards are incredibly high and Alexa surpassed them time and time again!

She delivered my project on time, within budget and to a really high standard.

If you are thinking of using Alexa and her team to produce your book, then I would definitely get in touch with her. Even working from abroad, she was able to fit around the time difference – which really made a difference in coming in on schedule.”

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