Here's a selection of testimonials and feedback from current and past clients:

Development Aid - Charles BevanCharles Bevan - Development Aid


Some four years ago I was persuaded by some alumni to write a history of a small progressive school I attended in the 1950s.I knew from the start that I would need to self-publish as the potential market was at most a few hundred people. Alexa Whitten and The Book Refinery came to the rescue. In a short period my manuscript was turned into a proper book, and Alexa also helped me set up an Amazon account. In fact, the book has been surprisingly popular, a second print run was needed, and I still get orders now and again from Amazon.

So, when in 2021 I finished the text of a book I have been writing for nearly 40 years about my career in helping poor countries develop their economies, I got in touch with Alexa. Once again, she has done wonders, and Development Aid: The good the bad and the ugly now has the all important ISBN number. The draft text I sent initially was really a bit too long and full of little mistakes and poor references. Helped by her brilliant copy editor, Lindsay Corten, the text was professionally polished, and I now have a book I am very pleased with. Alexa has also helped me get this book on the new ‘print on demand’ service provided by Amazon. There is no doubt Alexa & her team are publishing professionals able to help with all aspects of a book from its size layout and cover. Not only are they full of good idea they are well organised easy to approach, and what is more they provide a very good value friendly service.

Charles Bevan - Buy your copy here.

M.A. O'Keefe - Jahamunite

Jahamunite - Mandy O'Keefe

Working with Alexa has been wonderful, so beneficial to have someone who knows what they are doing and has people working with her who are talented and professional. My books have arrived from the printers and I am very pleased with the finished product.


M.A. O'Keefe - Buy your copy here.

Don't be silly - Laura MaclennanLaura Maclennan - Don't Be Silly!


From her very first email, Alexa has been an absolute dream come true to work with. Getting Don’t Be Silly! out into the world never once felt stressful or scary due to the immediate trust I felt for Alexa and her team, to keep me and my characters safe in our book ventures. I am so thankful for Alexa’s guidance and honesty; knowing what was right for every single page but for also not being afraid to tell me what wasn’t right whilst being respectful of my work and ideas. No question was unimportant and never once did I feel like an imposter trying to play at being an author. Alexa encouraged me, heard me, and helped me fulfil my dream with an intoxicating mix of professionalism and fun. Her knowledge is invaluable, her skillset outstanding and communication wonderful. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed and could not be prouder to have Compass Publishing and The Book Refinery steer my debut into the authory world. I couldn’t recommend enough if I tried, they’ve not invented the words yet.

Laura Maclennan - Buy your copy here.

J.M. Hope - Callandra and the Crystal Caverns

Callandra and the Crystal Caverns - J.M. Hope

I’ve often written pieces to offload various ideas that constantly swirl around in my head, but lockdown presented me with the ideal opportunity to produce a book.  I had absolutely no idea how to go about the business of publishing my dream.  I read up about it online and realised that I would need to self-publish.  Just by chance, or was it? A colleague announced on Facebook that she had just had a book published, so I asked her for a link to her publisher.

I spoke to Alexa at the Book Refinery, and she explained how everything worked.  She sent me clear and concise terms of business, and oversaw the whole business from start to finish.  Importantly, she always answered emails promptly and gave good advice.  She was straight forwards and honest in her assessment of any work presented and ensured that everything was done according to her high standards.

If I write another book, I will be back!

Thank You for everything.


J.M. Hope - Buy your copy here.

All the Days of my Life - Penelope FlintPenelope Flint - All The Days Of My Life


I wanted to get All The Days Of My Life, originally published by Hodder in 1989, accessible online, especially in view of another book due to be published, hopefully later this year. We needed help updating the book format and preparing it for upload to Kindle.

My daughter, who has a publishing background, googled various websites and found The Book Refinery to be clear and very professional, offering reasonable rates. Alexa proved both scrupulous and enthusiastic, providing ideas for a new cover and guiding us through the initial editing process, more onerous than usual, being a republishing venture. She then completed the job rapidly, producing something which we both think is an improvement on the original, right down to the formatting, font, size and paper type.

We are both extremely pleased with the result and would certainly recommend The Book Refinery to prospective authors. Thank you, Alexa!

Penelope Flint - Buy your copy here.

Emily Andrew - Planning Your Marquee Wedding

Planning Your Marquee Wedding - Emily Andrew

Wooohooo! My book is finally published and is looking beautiful! I would never have achieved this without Alexa's endless patience and expertise! Thank you!!

Emily Andrew - Buy your copy here.

Petr Horák - Take My Word For It

Take My Word For It - Petr Horák

Alexa came recommended by my editor and took my breath away with her service and expertise! All my apprehensions about unscrupulous publishers vanished as I worked with her.

Without taking away my autonomy, Alexa advised and guided me and ultimately produced a beautifully typeset book in both digital and paper form.

I can recommend Alexa to anybody, including those who are uncertain whether to publish or not. In my case, it was definitely one of the best steps I’ve taken outside my comfort zone!

Finally, after twelve years, I have achieved my dream. Thank you, Alexa.

Petr Horák - Buy your copy here.

Warwick Anthology - Lazaretto

Lazarretto - Warwick MA Writing

Alexa’s experience in the field was so encouraging. The University of Warwick’s annual anthology titled Lazaretto, looks amazing.

Filled with many excerpts of various student work, the editing process was tedious. Though tedious, Alexa never failed to motivate us to push forward.

The entire process was effortless and I will definitely be recommending her services to my peers hoping to self-publish.

Alexa was prompt in her responses and most importantly, she was incredibly considerate in making sure to accommodate our vision for the book.

Alexa’s professionalism, coaligned with her excitement and warmth to work on this project with us, was nothing short of wonderful.

Nina Kenney - June 2021

Jodi Heyes - When Worley Gets Brave

When Worley Gets Brave – Jodi HeyesWhere to begin? I can honestly say there are no words to describe how grateful I am that my path crossed with Alexa's. If it wasn't for her support right from the get go that it was even possible for me to become a published children's author, I would still just be sat at home making powerpoint books for my daughter.

I stumbled upon The Book Refinery's webpage as well as Compass Publishing whilst looking into self publishing.  It was the one website I found that actually made sense.  It was written in a way that I just knew I wanted to contact Alexa.  Our first phone call had me grinning from ear to ear.  Her enthusiasm just radiated throughout the conversation and she gave me the boost I needed.

I have always suffered with low self-esteem and belief in myself but she was able to restore that in me and has massively helped my confidence throughout my whole book publishing journey. Her knowledge and expertise are impeccable. She really knows her stuff and was able to advise me in the best ways possible, always keeping my personal style intact.  I am overwhelmed by the final product and the process itself has been an enjoyable one.  Whenever I had a question, she was at the end of the phone or email to answer.

She has inspired me to chase my dream.  Believe that the impossible is actually possible. Not only that, she has put me in touch with fellow authors and helped me make really meaningful connections where I feel I have made some real friends along the way. It actually makes me well up talking about the whole process as she really has touched my heart.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunities she has given me and I will definitely be staying in touch for the next instalment in the Worley the Worry Monster series.  Alexa, you are actually amazing and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough!

Jodi Heyes - Buy your copy here.

Claire Wortley – Mood Manager

Mood Manager – Claire Wortley

Alexa has been a great guide throughout the process of creating my first book.

Prompt responses and honest feedback has made the whole process enjoyable and exciting.

Claire Wortley – April 2021 - Buy your copy here.

Jess Shanahan - Get Paid to Race

Jess Shanahan - Get Paid to RaceI first came across Alexa through a recommendation on a business Facebook group and within a few weeks, my book was being typeset and on the way to the printers. I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted and she was able to use the cover - which was already designed - and incorporated those style elements into my book.

She also tweaked the cover so it was modern and fresh.

While the book was already edited and ready to go, she went above and beyond to make sure it was as error-free as possible. She spotted a couple of things that needed attention and it's this level of detail that sets her apart.

I really enjoyed working with her and I'm incredibly proud of my book - Get Paid to Race. It has brought me in £6000 in sales alone in my small niche - I'm already on my second print run - but that income grows to tens of thousands when you take into account the coaching and training income it's bought me too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alexa and her team at The Book Refinery, and will be using these services again for a future book.

Jess Shanahan - Buy your copy here.

Lucille Ossai – Influence and Thrive

Lucille Ossai – Influence and Thrive

While I was writing my book 'Influence and Thrive', I connected with Alexa on LinkedIn and started to read her useful posts about the book production process. She came across as warm, reassuring and best of all - knowledgeable, so I knew she could handle my rather complicated book.

From our first LinkedIn conversation about getting my book ready for production, Alexa was patient. She answered all my questions (and I had many as 'Influence and Thrive' was my first business book) and made it clear she would support me. So I signed up for her services quite quickly and that was the best decision I took for my book.

We began collaborating after I submitted my first draft, and throughout the nine months of collaborating together, Alexa put in a great amount of work. She was also firm when she needed to be. For example, during the 'structural edit', she suggested that I added more sections to my book. Although I was initially reluctant, those sections increased the 'flow' and made the book more persuasive. And she stood her ground when it came to the technical requirements the book needed to adhere to  - because I knew nothing about trim sizes, interior bleeds, ISBNs, etc. Nevertheless, she always ensured my content preferences were applied.

Alexa also went over and beyond many times and stuck with any lingering issue until she found a way to solve it.

Although I'm based in Lagos, Nigeria in Africa, and Alexa in Portsmouth, UK, we communicated easily via email and then via Zoom chats, and Alexa ensured everything was thorough and professional. She was so invested in my book project that you'd think it was HER book we were working on.

The 'downside' to Alexa's top-notch services and personal touch is that she would be an easy choice if I decide write more books.

Working with Alexa and The Book Refinery will honestly be one of the wisest decisions you'd make at any point in your book project.

Lucille Ossai – March 2021 - Buy your copy here.

Costanza Casati - The President Show

Costanza Casati – The President Show

I was lucky enough to meet Alexa when she worked on Manifest – the Warwick Writing Anthology in 2018. I contacted her again as I was working on the final rounds of editing of my debut dystopian novel The President Show and I’m so glad I did. Alexa took care of the typesetting – choosing wonderful fonts for the inside of the book – and the beautiful cover design. She helped me setting up my Amazon account as well as taking care of the Kindle version of the book. She was incredibly patient and explained me everything I needed as we went through every step of the process. I'd definitely recommend Alexa to anyone looking for help at various stages of publishing – she knows what she’s doing!

Costanza Casati - March 2021 - Buy your copy here.

Kylie Dixon – Inkcap and the Nethers

Inkcap and the Nethers by Kylie Dixon

Do you believe in fate and magical things?...my first children's book writing experience is woven with fate and magical happenings. Finding Alexa was one of these very happenings. From the moment I received my first email response back from Alexa after my ramblings on how to attempt to publish a book, I knew our relationship would be the perfect fit for what I wanted to achieve. Alexa has taken my crazy ideas and developed them into a beautiful piece of artwork. My book isn't just a story its a beautiful work of art. Alexa has a superb skill in hearing your vision and creating something so bespoke to your needs its quite wonderful to be part of. Not only is Alexa experienced at knowing which angle to position your book with your targeted market but she is invested from the word go in being part of your journey. I am so grateful for the support and the guidance I have had from Alexa and none of this magic would have happened if I hadn't nervously approached her a few months ago. I had a very tight deadline and this was achieved ahead of time. I cannot wait to continue my magical journey with Alexa for a whole book series and I look forward to seeing the beautiful books she will create.

Kylie Dixon – December 2020

Rebecca Newenham - Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours by Rebecca Newenham

The idea of writing my own book appeared on my vision board in January 2019.  By April 2019 I had signed up to Alexa's book coaching and I didn't look back.  Alexa helped me validate my book idea and explain how best to get the content out of my head and onto the page.  I work with a business coach too so the thought of having a book coach made perfect sense.  I quickly got into a regular writing rhythm and Alexa kept me accountable and focussed.  I absolutely love the book I have created!  I am so proud of what I have achieved but I know this wouldn't have been possible without Alexa's honesty, knowledge, and passion for what she does.  If you feel you have a book in you, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Alexa who will help make your dream a reality.

Rebecca Newenham - November 2020 - Buy your copy here.

Derrick Swain – Gold Cufflinks

Gold Cufflinks by Derrick Swain

It is never too late to start writing, I wrote my first book at the age of 77.  Alexa set me off on the right track with her book “Publish Your Way to More Clients”, but far from writing a business textbook, I wrote a biographical sketch.  Alexa left me in little doubt that I could achieve what I had set out to do, and thanks to her I have been able to present a publishable work and bring it to market.

Derrick Swain – November 2020 - Link to buy a copy coming soon.

Kat Smith - Speak Arabic Fast.

Speak Arabic Fast with Tuty and Belle - Speaking Book 1

What worked for you before?  Do more of that.

It’s a marketing tip based on the old adage ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, and exactly why I keep coming back to Alexa for my book publishing needs.

Alexa is someone I trust to get things done quickly and efficiently without mistakes.  And she keeps delivering even if I am the party that holds everything up - and I do.   Which is why I trusted her with my 3rd and 4th books “Speak Arabic Fast - Speaking Book” and “Speak Arabic Fast - Activity Book”.

A departure from my usual marketing genre, but a fun and challenging project nonetheless.

Alexa just gets on and does it, which is something I admire and look for in any of my business dealings.  I never hesitate to recommend Alexa to anyone considering writing a book (and you should), she always comes through.

Kat Smith - October 2020 - Buy your copy here.

Helen Tanner – The Data Escalator

The Data Escalator by Helen Tanner

Alexa made the complexity of editing, proofing, type-setting, publishing and printing my first business book effortless. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexa to any budding writers out there.

Helen Tanner – October 2020 - Buy your copy here.

Sinclair Cook - The Elgin Marvels.

Elgin Marvels by Shalom Cook

Stage 1: I thought, I planned, I wrote and that’s as far as it went.

Stage 2: I will find a publisher, one that understands what my ‘book’ is about, what I want to say, the quality I want and understands that I haven’t yet made it to the Forbes millionaires list.

Stage 3: Covid-19 arrived, I am in another country and I had an unrealistic time schedule. I need someone who knows the real meaning of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and the Mary Poppin’s meaning.

Stage 4: Someone asked a question on LinkedIn, I gave an answer that was a bit unusual. The person didn’t delete me. Could this be my ‘frabjous day’? This someone was Alexa Whitten and she will give me an audition. The moment she said Y E S, we were off and this was a real steeplechase, but she got my horse over every ditch and hedge. There was one with legal formalities, one with layout questions, one with font and typeface choices, one with paper and size issues, one with Corona and three-day weeks, one with colour proofs and printing technicalities, one with my impatience.

We made every hurdle with ease. The home run was amazing, she put my runner out in the front for a clear win and she changed the odds for the next events.

No-one could ask for a better trainer and jockey.

Sinclair Cook - September 2020 - Buy your copy here.

Catherine Gladwyn – The 20% Rule - How to ensure your small business is safe, sustainable and profitable.

The 20% Rule by Catherine GladwynAlexa likes to remind me that in 2017 I said 'I'd never write a book'. Three years later I have written and self-published two and it's all her fault!

She makes it too easy.

My first book - How to be a Virtual Assistant, through heavy consistent marketing and some amazing PR, is now a multi-award winning bestseller and has ranked above some big names in the small business world. My second book - The 20% Rule, was released the same week I am writing this, so fingers crossed it has the same success.

For me, Alexa did the typesetting (for paperback and Kindle) and got the paperback copies printed. The quality of the paperback is outstanding.

I wonder if I have a third book in me?

Catherine Gladwyn – July 2020 - Buy your copy here.

Elizabeth Barber - Author of 'Life by Numbers' and 'Live your Best Life' Oracle Card Deck.

Elizabeth Barber Author of 'Life by Numbers' and 'Live your Best Life' Oracle Card Deck.After successfully working with Alexa to complete my book 'Life by Numbers' and being delighted with the result. I knew I had found the right person to collaborate with on my next project 'Live your Best Life' Oracle Card Deck.

As a Psychic Medium I have wanted to create my own set of cards for over 12 years. I had several unsuccessful attempts in the past and had almost given up on my dream, until I mentioned it to Alexa.

Her first words to me were "we can do this - it's not much different to writing a book".

Alexa reassured me that she could make this happen and guided me through the process and offered lots of help, advice and encouragement. She really listened to my ideas and paid attention to every detail to make the cards perfect.

Alexa has a unique gift of mentoring you through the process, sharing her wisdom with you and giving you realistic guidelines to work within. She will motivate you when you are stuck, keep you on task when you wander off course and share your excitement when your dream turns into a reality.

I'm over the moon with my Oracle Cards, they look modern, fresh and exciting !

The box is beautiful and each card has an uplifting message which is clear and easy to read when using them.

The product has been delivered to an exceptionally high standard and looks and feels like a premium product.

I'm proud to offer them to my customers and I will happily recommend 'The Book Refinery' to anyone wanting to write a book or publish Oracle or Tarot Deck cards.

I'm looking forward to enlisting Alexa's expertise in the future as I have other ideas that I would love to put into action. Alexa is in my opinion the best person to work with in the book industry and she will turn your dream into a reality.

Elizabeth Barber - April 2020

Listen to a radio interview I did with Elizabeth here.

Katharina Maria Kalinowski – Warwick University MA Writing Students Anthology, Fractals.

Chimera We couldn't have had more luck with Alexa. She was just as passionate about the project as we were. Not only did she email me at every day or night time, but she knew exactly how to transform our vague illusions into sensible solutions.

The anthology is home to 16 different authors; 16 different styles, worlds, voices, but Alexa knew exactly what we needed and how to give the manuscript a coherent style without scarring the individual's artistic choice. Her knowledge, experience and motivation continued to steer us through prose, poetry and cover design issues and didn't rest until our manuscript looked like a book.

The moment we finally held the result in our hands was priceless.

Katharina Maria Kalinowski – Feb 2020

Keith Shortland - Author of 'Made in India (a memoir)'

Made in IndiaI always wanted to write a book, but that was the easy part. As I prevaricated with the ending, the aspect that caused some concern was the publication. Committed to self-publication, the appropriate publisher was important to me.

After some searching, and a false start, I discovered Alexa. From the moment we began the discussion, I couldn't help but be impressed with her confidence and her consummate professionalism. That was enough for me to trust her with my project. Thereafter, Alexa walked me through the necessary steps, applied her expertise and experience, communicated almost daily, and brought the project to happy fruition.

The resultant book is just what I expected, and has generated a very welcome response. My recommendation to any budding author would be to take Alexa at her word. If your project is worthy of publication, Alexa and the Book Refinery should be one's first port of call.

Should I ever attempt a second book, I hope Alexa will once more consider me a client.

Keith Shortland - Feb 2020

Zoe Whitman - Author of 'Know Your Numbers'

Know Your Numbers by Zoe Whitman

Thank you so much to Alexa from The Book Refinery for turning my Google doc into a book! She made time to speak to me early on in my journey when I would have forgiven her for thinking I was wasting her time and she's held my hand through the whole process. I honestly couldn't have got to this point without her help. It goes without saying that Alexa's highly knowledgeable about the printing and publishing process - my book's lovely to look at, perfectly on brand and it's something I feel really proud to look at, but I also feel I've been well supported throughout the process. I can't recommend The Book Refinery enough, if you think you have a book in you, Alexa will help you make it happen.

Zoe Whitman – Jan 2020

Martin Richardson - Author of 'The Android Heart'

The Android Heart by Martin Richardson

Working with Alexa, and her team at The Book Refinery, proved to be a super experience. I spent a long time looking for the right company, typesetting and publisher, and discovered a professional, affordable and friendly service in The Book Refinery. If you're serious about publishing your manuscript, my advice would be to look no further. I highly recommend the efforts, fast communication and quality of the final book. I’m delighted to say it surpassed my expectations.

Martin Richardson – Dec 2019

Amy Nolan - Author of 'The trials and tribulations of Trevor the Ferret'

The trials and tribulations of Trevor the Ferret by Amy Nolan

For anyone looking to get their book out of their head and into print, Alexa and her team are amazing. The whole process from start to finish has been flawless. Information is clear and upfront and Alexa is brilliant at answering queries and questions so that you are really clear. Alexa is really responsive and also amazing at helping you get to the end of the project, keeping things moving all the way. I will definitely be working with Alexa again and will absolutely be recommending her to my own clients, and my network! Brilliant! Thanks Alexa.

Amy Nolan - September 2019

Shivani Suchak - Author of 'When I met Ruhani'

When you’re working on a big project such as writing a book for the first time, the only thing that’s on your mind when you start emailing the various parties involved in the industry is: you don’t want to upset anyone. When I emailed Alexa for the first time - which was months before I actually started working with her - I got a friendly and relaxed feel from her, which was encouraging. We had a lot of email exchanges regarding dates on when she would start typesetting my book, which dragged on by a good 3-4 months, but all the while she remained patient and encouraging.

During the process itself, I loved her style of communicating with me and making sure that I was happy during each and every step. It made me more comfortable to voice my concerns and the many things that I appreciated. There was a point when my trust in her became so firm, that any creative decisions she made, I knew it was for the betterment of my book.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with having chosen her as my typesetter and it was a privilege to work with someone who is so gentle and understanding. I’m definitely looking forward to working with her again! Thanks Alexa!

Shivani Suchak - Sept 2019
Purchase a copy today over on Amazon.

Nick Francis - Author of 'The New Fire'

The New Fire by Nick Francis

If you want to get a book written but you haven't quite been able to get it out, you need to speak to Alexa. I had several thousand words of notes for my book but felt unfocused. A friend recommend I speak to Alexa. She helped me plan out the structure, chapter by chapter and then helped me to stay on track to get it finished: 'Get 2,000 words done this week', 'this bit is unclear', 'expand here.' It was a lot of work but she stuck with me. I didn't appreciate all the valuable lessons that writing a book would teach me before I began - it's not just having a book. I would recommend it to anyone looking to develop a better understanding of their business. I can't think of anyone better than Alexa for you to take that journey with.

Nick Francis - May 2019
Purchase a copy today over on Amazon.

Christopher Langer - Author of 'Optimal Safety'

Optimal Safety by Christopher Langer

There is no doubt in my mind that Alexa was instrumental in getting my book into print in rapid time. I had thought about taking a sabbatical to get it done and had assumed it might be a year. With weekly coaching sessions and expert input, I was able to complete the whole project whilst still working in my main job and following a clear plan. Alexa designed the pages to enhance the look and feel of the book, and designed a great cover to capture the main idea.

The finished product looks terrific and I am already working on my next project with her - I know that I will get it done this way. She really will help get that book out of your head and onto the page where it belongs. A highly recommended, life-changing service!

Christopher Langer - May 2019

Carole Hooper - Author of 'There's no bear... IS THERE?' and 'Can we help you Santa?'

There is no bear is there by Carole Hooper Can we help you Santa by Carole Hooper

From the teeniest spark of an idea to a book!

Having written a book for my great grandchildren I had no idea what to do with it next. I found Alexa at the Book Refinery and there was no turning back. She guided, encouraged and helped me and made me feel that this story really was worth printing. We met up and she explained the process in simple and easy terms (I’m not great on the computer!). Within a few weeks 'There’s no bear...is there?' was laid out and I couldn’t have been happier. To say I’m now an author is simply amazing. In fact, the experience was so easy, I wrote another book, ‘Can we help you, Santa?’ and I’m looking forward to giving it to my grandchildren for Christmas. I know these two stories would not be in print if not for Alexa and for that I’m truly grateful!
Thank you so much, Alexa.

Carole Hooper - March and October 2019

Sunil Balan - Author of 'Zico Wonders about Mummy and Daddy'

From the start, Alexa was professional, friendly and most importantly concise with what was needed. Her knowledge of the process was fantastic. She quickly identified any errors (including some of the pictures that were commissioned for the book) and she made some great suggestions and additions that added a real flair.

From liaising with myself and the illustrator, it was clear that Alexa really was passionate about getting the book as best it could be and although she doesn't get involved with selling side of things, her attention to detail will make this a success.

It was a great experience working with Alexa and would thoroughly recommend The Book Refinery and Compass-publishing to anyone who is thinking of writing a book (or has one sitting on their hard drive.)

Sunil Balan - Feb 2019

Mike Hendricks - Author of 'The No B.S Fitness Formula'

The No BS Fitness Formula by Mike HendricksI first contacted Alexa through LinkedIn to get her to publish my first book, The New Rules of Fitness. She was very professional and her service was excellent.

When it came to publishing my second book, The No B.S. Fitness Formula Alexa was keen to be part of the whole journey and she ended up producing the book as well.

I'm glad she did, as her ideas and typesetting flair really helped the book to flow and be reader friendly.

I'm really pleased with how the book looks and it was a relatively painless process with my book being printed within 3 months of starting.

I will be using her team and services again, for sure!

Mike Hendricks - Feb 2018

Steve Sallis - Author of 'Educating Football'

I first got in touch with Alexa through a recommendation after a publishing company offered me a contract. I needed some impartial advice and she was able to clarify what I needed to be aware of before I signed anything. My book project was a 5-year journey but I felt my personal message and freedom was not being met through this offer, so instead I decided to self-publish.

Working with Alexa was easy from the start and our relationship could not have gone better. She and her team worked hard to get my book into the publication it is now. She had some great ideas and I couldn't be happier.

Contacting Alexa was the best professional decision I could have made. A true professional who knows her field better than any other. Her diligence and passion to help me shine through was unparalleled. I am grateful to her and for her commitment and late nights to get this book published.

She helped my dream come to reality. I will always be grateful.

It is often said 'you get what you pay for' and with Alexa, the service was 1st class throughout. Thank you, Alexa, I will be back.

Steve Sallis - Sept 2018

Claire Brown - Author of 'The British Flowers Book'

For the last 2 years, I’ve been writing a book. I have a fantastic photographer and a top flower stylist. My audience was just waiting for it to be out there. I knew in my head how I wanted it to look I just needed someone who could bring it all together and luckily, I found the perfect person!

From our first meeting I knew I’d come across the right person to collaborate with. Alexa was the publishing professional I needed, to guide me through all the things I had no knowledge of - Paper types, styles of books, sizes and Pantone colour background that I hadn’t thought of. Yet she was completely open to my suggestions, helped me with what would and wouldn’t work, and together we got my book out of my head and into print!

To say I’m delighted is an understatement.

Was it hard work? Absolutely. But nothing worth doing is easy.
I’m now the author of a book I love. Alexa and her team were great to work with, and my book is selling extremely well. I couldn’t be happier.

If you have a book inside you, and you don’t know where to start, don’t go any further
than The Book Refinery. They will walk you through the entire process and help you
produce a book you’re really proud of.

Claire Brown - June 2018

Deb Hawken - Author of 'Who am I? Where am I? What is this place?'

After a horrible experience publishing my first book through Hay House Publishing I decided to take control and publish it myself. This in itself was fraught with many issues, how do I start, what were my rights? This is where Alexa and her team stepped in.

Alexa was recommended to me through facebook. Her professionalism was something else.  Having paid a lot of money to have a full line edit, Alexa identified quite a few issues in the book. Painstaking and detailed are two very good descriptions of her work. Nothing was too small or unimportant for her to bring to my attention. Yet she made it clear that it was my book and I had full control of what I did, or didn’t, change. Her layout ideas were vastly superior to a hugely expensive internationally ‘renowned’ company.

Her ideas inspired. All in all, a far better experience and I will use her again.

Deb Hawken - Oct 2018

Steve Hilliard - Author of 'Do Something Different in Your Salon Today!'

Writing a book seemed like a super daunting task. Not only do you need to write the thing, but you need to get it edited, laid out and have a cover designed.

Finding the time to do all of that seemed daunting and highly unappealing – after all, I run a busy hair salon, I’m not a book designer!

Luckily, I was recommended to Alexa and her team at The Book Refinery Ltd and I have to say, I was very impressed. All I did was send over the manuscript and the rest was sorted for me.

I would highly recommend Alexa and her company. From the outset it was a smooth and seamless process and I’m super proud of the end result.

I will definitely be using Alexa again on my next book.

Steve Hilliard - Feb 2018

Andrew Dee - Author of 'The Room Next Door'

Having roughly typed out all of my book I looked at the self-publishing route as my book is aimed at quite a specialized market, rather than mass appeal.

Being a great believer in divine timing, it was around the same time I had been having the above thoughts, that a friend was advertising her book on social media and mentioned Alexa and The Book Refinery by name. I then called my friend to ask about her experience and I was sold.

Alexa is a consummate professional and really makes you feel that you are her sole client. She is on top of her game and, like me, she shoots from the hip which is what is needed when working to deadlines and to ensure that what she produces is exactly what is intended.

Alexa walked me through every step of the way, right up to the books arriving at my door.

It is often said 'you get what you pay for' and with Alexa, the service was 1st class throughout. Thank you, Alexa, I will be back.

Andrew Dee - April 2018
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Stephen Sacks - Author of 'Reboot Your Business.'

Having written the first draft of my book [title was yet to be decided] I felt I needed some insight to make sure I was on the right track. I had heard of Alexa and The Book Refinery (through LinkedIn) and requested a structural edit - and I'm so glad I did.

We quickly established what I needed (1,000's of more words!) and how to get them. I'm not prone to waffling and it was important this book was succinct and to the point but my brevity was its biggest downfall, so Alexa quickly showed me how to add valuable content, with not too much work.

She is frankly a hard taskmistress and a stickler for deadlines which is exactly what I feel the aspiring author needs. I certainly did.

She lends form and order to the alphabetti spaghetti of words and ideas that I threw at her and treated the whole project with good humour which is exactly what I needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alexa to anyone thinking that they could be the next Enid Blyton or Stephen King.

Stephen Sacks - April 2018

Emma Reynolds - author of 'Farty McFartpants'

I first turned to Alexa following a recommendation I got from a Facebook group. I had an inkling for a book, but I really had no idea where to go in order to make it a reality. Within a few minutes on the phone, Alexa calmly talked me through everything I needed to know and gave me the confidence to continue.

A few months later, when I was a lot further along with my book, Alexa guided me step by step through the publishing process. She also had the right contacts to help me find the people who could make this real. Alexa was so sunny and positive throughout, that even on the days where I thought I just wouldn't get there, she gave me the confidence and encouragement to allow my project to continue.

She arranged everything I needed, and before I knew it, the book was ready to print! She even liaised with the printers so that I didn't have to worry about any last minute blips. (This bit is crucial as there is so much to consider when coosing a printer, but Alexa was able to sort all of that out for me!)

I am so happy with the finished project and 'Farty McFartpants', is selling really well. As soon as I finish the text for the next one, Alexa is my first post of call as she really knows her stuff.

I would highly recommend a chat with Alexa whatever stage of publishing you're at; she will save you so much time and save you money by helping you avoid potential errors and stress that come from writing and publishing a book.

Emma Reynolds - Jan 2018
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Elizabeth Barber - Author of 'Life by Numbers.'

After completing my book Life by Numbers, I really struggled to get it up to a standard I was happy with ready for publishing. This is where Alexa stepped in and completely took over. After our first conversation, I instantly liked her and knew that my book was in safe hands. Alexa sorted everything out, from the typesetting (I had a very specific idea of peacock illustrations around the numbers.) to cover design, ISBN and uploading it to CreateSpace.

At last, I had found someone on my wavelength and she really understood what I wanted. Her attention to detail was second to none and she patiently worked on my book cover so that it was exactly how I had imagined it to be.

I've learned a lot from Alexa during this process, including the importance of having the right ISBN, the pros and cons of CreateSpace and tips about marketing my book correctly.

Alexa took all the stress out of getting the books printed too, (we got some printed in the UK as well, not just CreateSpace) and when they arrived I could have cried! The quality is exceptional and the cover is crisp and bright, just like her! 😂

If you're writing a book or have written one, don't spoil the process of trying to do it all yourself, the impression you give is the most poignant part of the whole process, so get it done professionally.

I'm really proud of my book and how it looks, so I want to thank this wonderful lady for everything she has done in getting it to look fantastic!

Elizabeth Barber - Dec 2017

Charles Bevan - author of 'Monkton Wyld School'

Cover of Monkton Wyld SchoolIf you are an aspiring author with a completed manuscript that you have worked on for months, you may think that getting the book printed/published would be the easy bit. All you have to do is go on the web and contact a self-publishing company, or perhaps you may have been given the name of a local printer, who printed a book for a friend and did a good job.

The self-publishing companies are a varied lot. In response to your interest, you will either get glossy literature and a copy of a recently published book, with no real answers at all or, if you've contacted a company in the USA, numerous annoying phone calls. The glossy literature typically tells you a great deal about nothing, the accompanying book is excruciatingly boring and has lousy photos, and the estimated cost for getting your book published will cause you to take a deep breath. The friendly low-cost local printer may know about printing and seems good value, but probably has no idea about formatting the text to a high standard.

I tried all approaches but was getting nowhere fast, until, as a result of a final desperate web search, I came across Alexa and The Book Refinery Ltd. Unlike the other companies, her sister company, Compass-Publishing did not require me to buy five ISBN's  for £75.00 but were able to sell a single number for less than half that price. Not only did that seem a good deal, but Alexa seemed genuinely interested in helping me and my book.

We talked at length about what kind of book it was, and about the printers I had lined up (as they said they could do the necessary formatting.) After a couple of days, she came back to me saying that they had misunderstood the job and that the deal was off.

I was beginning to learn some of the secrets of the trade. The difference with The Book Refinery was that I was not treated simply as the person paying, but as part of a small team getting the project off the ground. Alexa knows her stuff. I was originally intending on a mix of black and white, and colour photos, but the huge expense that was going to put on the project, we decided that black and white would be sufficient. We had long discussions about the cover photo, and what to put on the back of the book. When I had finally agreed to the details, layout, and formatting was completed in just over a week. Drafts of the formatted manuscript were sent to me regularly for checking until I was completely happy that everything was in the right place, at which point Alexa instructed her printers. Within 10 days, my book arrived looking very professional and at a total cost of about 65 % what one of the big names would have charged. Would I use Compass again? You bet I would!

Charles Bevan - July/Aug 2017

Ben Cijffers - Author of 'A Lion in the Allotment'

A lion and Rhino looking at each other

My book sat in a drawer for about 10 years. I had sent it to several publishers and agents, but none took it up, but I was convinced there was a need and a market for it, so decided to self-publish.

Like most people in my situation I bumbled around trying to understand the world of publishing; Amazon, Ingramspark etc, and then found Alexa at The Book Refinery. Thank God I did! Initially, it was just to buy an ISBN as I had thought my book was ready to go - but after a lengthy discussion with Alexa (who very tactfully told me my book was in no way any shape to be printed) I decided to use her services so that it was.

Alexa brought experience, technical knowledge, and advice to bear on my book, and worked with me hand in hand to get it from my Word layout to a beautifully laid out publication.  She was supportive, patient and encouraging throughout, and it made all the difference.

The book is absolutely what I wanted and I'm really proud of it. Her expertise was invaluable and I can't recommend her enough.

I'm so glad I found her, and it simply wouldn't be the book it is if she hadn't have stepped in.

Ben Cijffers - Aug 2017

Anton Jarrod—author of ‘Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution'

"I was referred to Alexa to help me with my cover design. I had already published a book,
but I wasn't happy with the result, so I decided to re-do the entire project.

I was using Ingramspark, and to be perfectly honest, the submitting process had me a bit flummoxed, as the template is given under the assumption you have In-design. (I don't!) Here is where Alexa's help came into play.

I wasn't sure of the imagery but after several in-depth discussions and test options, we came up with a cover I'm really proud of.

Working with Alexa was a real joy. She offered sound advice and guidance, and listened to what I was saying. Most importantly, she helped turn my nebulous ideas into something concrete. So a big thanks!”

Anton Jarrod - July 2017'

Ian Muir—author of ‘Renting Property

I started writing 'Renting Property' five years ago. However, my besRenting Propertyt intentions of publishing a book to help students and the Bank of Mum and Dad to save money, had started to feel like rowing the Atlantic in fog without GPS, with no idea of how far it was to reach land nor in what direction. Publishing isn't the easiest world to understand, and like renting property, it has its fair share of rogues and small print, designed to part you from your money.

Fortunately for me, one of my contacts recommended Alexa and The Book Refinery, and after discussing my project, she was able to give me direction, working through the stages to get the book published and printed. As of this month I am now the very proud author of a published book. I wish you could see my smile! 🙂 It is such a special feeling holding your own, unopened, fresh from the printers, book in your hands.

Now I can't say it took just a couple of weeks, nor that it was headache-free... as there was quite a bit of additional thought especially about the audience, book cover and formatting. I know I am not the easiest to work with as I can be pedantic, obdurate and distracted by my business. However, despite my occasional frustrations at just wanting to get the book off my daily "Action list", with Alexa's determination, organisation, and use of her effective team, it's now printed and in the process of being prepared for a listing on Amazon. In concluding, we worked well together and I can now say this is a book I'm really proud of, and I know it will help students and in fact any tenant who is looking to save money on their accommodation.

So, if you're thinking of writing a book (or, like I was, frustratingly stuck), then I highly recommend Alexa and her team at The Book Refinery to navigate you through the fog of publishing. 'Gerronwiyit' and give her a call.

Ian Muir - June 2017

Mark Cottle—author of ‘Offshore or Die!’

Mark Cottle Offshore or Die“I was referred to Alexa to help me with layout, editing and printing a book.

I was working to a very strict deadline, as I needed my books printed and shipped to a conference venue so I could hand them out to the delegates. This deadline could not be moved, so there was a lot of pressure on me to write the book in time, and for Alexa to organise everything else.

I’m a busy guy, in fact our company is one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. So for me, or my team, to have to deal with the ‘back-end’ of a book production project was completely undesirable. We aren’t experts in the field, and there was a big chance of us screwing it up.

I’d rather pay an expert to handle it for me. And that’s exactly what Alexa is. An expert.

She brought experience, drive and determination to my project.
And it needed some hustle to get it over the line. In addition to the editing, layout and printing, Alexa offered (and we accepted!) to organise the shipping of the books to our conference venue. This was a big deal, as my team and I aren’t located in the UK. With Alexa on the ground there pushing things it removed a lot of stress from my life.

And true to her word, the books arrived on the morning of the conference in time to be given to nearly 300 delegates.

And the books looked great too. The first time I saw them was at the conference. That’s how much trust I had in Alexa and her work.

Had it not been for her involvement in my project, I either wouldn’t have finished it, or, the quality would have suffered.

As far as I’m concerned, if you are writing a book, and need someone to guide you and deal with the back-end you would be smart to call Alexa and seek her guidance.”

Josh Black—author of ‘Personal Best’

Personal Best by Josh Black“Alexa is simply amazing.

Having worked in marketing and advertising for some of the world’s largest brands (brands like PepsiCo, Gatorade, Unilever and Nike), my standards are incredibly high and Alexa surpassed them time and time again!

She delivered my project on time, within budget and to a really high standard.

If you are thinking of using Alexa and her team to produce your book, then I would definitely get in touch with her. Even working from abroad, she was able to fit around the time difference – which really made a difference in coming in on schedule.”

Mo Yusuff—author of ‘Promo Power Supremacy’

Promo Power Supremacy“Alexa was a delight to work with and without her; I doubt my book would ever have been finished.

With Alexa’s help and gentle guidance my book was written in just 17 weeks and edited, proofed, published and printed a few weeks later.

When we first started together she helped me complete my book plan, a kind of framework of the chapters and what each chapter will be about. Once we did this, it made the whole process of writing the book so much easier.

Our weekly Skype chats when Alexa would review my previous weeks work and set me “homework” for the following week, meant any adjustments to what I’d written was done as we were going along so there was almost no re-writes to do after editing and also the fear of turning up at the next week’s Skype call and not completing my “homework” gave me the accountability to just get the stuff done.

Alexa’s gentle but firm style and the fact she delivered on every promise, gave me the confidence to carry on, even when I started doubting myself.

If you’re thinking about writing a book, do nothing until you’ve spoken to Alexa. She rocks!”

Get Video RightSimon Banks—author of ‘How to Get Video Right’

“I was recommended to Alexa by a colleague of mine, Den Lennie, who had written a book for his filmmakers business. I was hesitant at first, because although I knew writing a book was one of the quickest ways of gaining expert status, it wasn’t something I felt I could realistically achieve, as I thought to write a book must be hard! However, from my first call to Alexa, she appeased my doubts, and here I am, six months later, a published author.

Alexa and her team made the writing process easy (although there were a few nights where we on the phone till 10pm getting chapters finished) but she took me by the hand and helped me every step of the way. I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without her help.

Once the book was written – I then just left it to her – although I had quite a specific layout in mind – and Alexa created it for me. Her and her team then worked their magic, and the book is now working tirelessly in creating targeted leads, in fact, I went to a trade show recently, and gave my book out to delegates, it was received really well, and made me stand out as THE person to do business with. To say I’m delighted is an understatement – I’m now just super busy on the back end of the publication! So, if you don’t have time to be busy with new clients… don’t write a book.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alexa to anyone who is interested in writing a book – in fact you just need a seed of an idea, and she will help you create a publication you are proud of. Her customer service is 2nd to none. I couldn’t have written this book without her.

Just do it, and don’t put it off. I’m really glad I did.”

Simon Banks – Tallboy Communications Ltd. – November 2016

David Taylor - author of ‘How to Get it Right and Grow Your Business with Confidence’

How To Get It Right And Grow Your Business With Confidence“They say patience is a virtue well, this is something Alexa has in spades and she needed it with me. It took me just short of two years (all bar a couple days) from the first time I contacted her, to the day when my book arrived, printed, at my office. I spent far too long procrastinating over things and should have just got on with, (something Alexa really tried to help me with, but I can be difficult with things like that!) However, all of my worries were needless because when the book arrived it gave me a real feel of accomplishment. Plus I got some pretty good reviews to boot!

If you’re thinking of writing a book, Alexa will help you to put it together, from writing to production (a complete process), and she will push you to get it done. Hopefully you won’t take as long as I did (I’m sure Alexa had back ache from the amount of pushing I needed), but she stuck with me and I am so glad she did. Listen to what she says and be guided by her experience, soon enough you too will become a published author.

I now have that accolade, and I’m already starting my next one, and that is down in no small part to Alexa. If you are considering writing a book, then go no further. I have recommended Alexa on a couple of occasions and will continue to do so. Give her a call!” – October 2016

Rachel May—author of ‘Say ‘No!’ and Reclaim Your Life’

Say No“I can honestly say that working with Alexa was an absolute pleasure. I was a first-time author and full of anxiety about the publication process when I first set out on my publication journey.

When I first started to work with Alexa, I was convinced there was a ‘catch’ as she was offering everything I needed, at a super good price – where were the hidden costs and charges? There were none! What you see is what you get when you work with The Book Refinery. She tells you right from the start what to expect and how the process works and her advice has been invaluable. (Although there is a lot to get your head around when you first start, but Alexa and her team really helped me understand the whole process and made it really easy to finish my project.

Like most first-time authors, I considered my book as my baby, but Alexa knows exactly these concerns and her expertise and professionalism helped me produce something that I’m really proud of. Alexa provides excellent value for money and is totally professional from start to finish.

I feel thrilled that I chose to work with her from the start and would recommend anyone who is embarking on this journey to get in touch with her, you won’t regret it.” – April 2106

Den Lennie—author of ‘Business For Filmmakers’

Business For Filmmakers“Alexa is brilliant! She encourages you in a straight forward way and helps you achieve the ultimate goal of finishing your book.

As a new author, I was intimidated by the mammoth task that lay ahead. Alexa breaks down the ‘how to’ and helps keep you on track to make your deadline. This was something that I found quite challenging, as I was running my filmmakers business full time, but with her dedication to your project, we got there!

I plan to write another book and Alexa will definitely be working on it with me… if she can fit me in. ????

If you have a project that has been lurking on your computer – or you just have an idea of one – then get in touch with Alexa and her team.

She knows exactly the right questions to ask, and she has a system that makes writing your book almost seem effortless. Don’t put it off… if you have ‘Write a book’ as one of your things to do in 2016 – then contact her ASAP. She will make sure you achieve your goal!” – November 2015

Alison Ward – author of ‘Awarded by Angels’, ‘Bringing You Back to YOU!’ and ‘Get That Friday Feeling’

Bringing You Back To You“I have had the pleasure of working with Alexa on all of my books. I first worked with her on my second book ‘Bringing You Back To YOU!’; she was so in tune with my needs, including the front cover design and what I wanted to get across to my audience.

It made the birth of my second book really enjoyable and swift.

We received my books before the deadline which was a lovely surprise.

Get That Friday FeelingAlexa was then the typesetter on my third book ‘Get That Friday Feeling‘; a compilation of my last two years’ channeled inspirational messages.

Alexa knew exactly what I was trying to achieve and made the book look really pretty and attractive to my audience, as well as recommending a pocket sized book to best suit the project.

Awarded by AngelsBecause I was so impressed with these two projects, we have just finished re-publishing my first book ‘Awarded by Angels‘ and I knew I could rely on Alexa and her team to get the book to print with little to no stress or hassle.

Working with Alexa is always fun, problem free and effective. I look forward to a long future together to publish yet more books and products.”

Liz Keaney–author of ‘Warrior Women – How to be Magnificent through the Courage of Self Kindness’.

Warrior Women“I felt passionate about getting my book, ‘Warrior Women’ out there in the right way and Alexa got me there! She has a great gift of understanding an author’s passion; she shared my vision and was very generous with her time to help me explore options for the layout, and cover design.

The joy I felt in seeing my book in print – not just the words but the visual depiction; the ‘look and feel’ and the delight when people held it and said ‘this book speaks to me’ before they’ve even read it.

I know the words inside ‘Warrior Women’ carry a valuable message – one that has been enhanced with Alexa’s expertise.

If you are considering getting your book ‘out there’, speak to Alexa and her team – you will love their energy and understanding for your project.”

Liz Keaney was the Featured author/speaker at the Emirates Festival of Literature 2016.

Louise Presley-Turner—author of ‘Mindset Mastery’

Mindset Mastery“Loved working with Alexa as she made the whole process painless and easy, the finished product looks amazing! Having published my first book through Hay House, I was rather daunted with self-publishing my second book, but working with Alexa and her team was much easier than expected.

She was able to integrate my ideas for the layout and cover design, and the end product is something I’m really proud of.

I’m looking forward to working with her for my next book.”

Kat Smith & Terry Wilson—authors of ‘101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser’

101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser“The best way to find someone to do business with is via referral from someone you trust. And this is how I found Alexa and The Book Refinery. I am glad I did.

Alexa took on my first book project with enthusiasm and passion that, at times, outweighed my own. She laid out her requirements very clearly, listened to and acted on my requirements, and delivered the results when she said she would.

She is one of those rare businesswomen who actually provide a personalised, hassle-free service. And is a delight to work with.

Writing a book is hard work. Going over and over your written work is soul-destroying and in the end I hated it. But Alexa put the fun back into everything including the proofing, so that when I saw a photo of my completed and printed book in her hands I nearly wet myself! It is all worth it.

The highest praise a business can get is referrals and I have already referred a number of people to Alexa. I don’t hesitate.”


Update August 2016: Kat has written a second book—‘Grow Your Salon Fast’

Grow Your Salon Fast“Another book written and published!

Couldn’t have done this without Alexa’s help – she knows what she is doing and this book is something I’m really proud of.”

Will Wood—author of ‘The Organised Business’

The Organised Business“Once I had finished writing my book I was daunted at the prospect of getting it into print – I decided to self-publish but where to start? Fortunately I found Alexa and the Book Refinery from a recommendation by a client of mine and it’s been a godsend.

Alexa was able to take my Word document and transform it into a proper looking book.

There was a theme running through it, which required some clever typesetting, to distinguish the text, to the story and it made such a difference to be able to discuss with someone how to get that right. Plus, she added some other little formatting tricks which makes my book easy to read, along with adding some style and differentiation to other similar business books.

If anyone is looking to self-publish, and is feeling lost at the prospect, then look no further. Alexa and her team can make the process much easier for any first time author and I am very pleased with the final result of my book.

Thanks Alexa!”

Ingrid Ord—author of ‘Act With Faith’

Act With FaithDear Alexa (and your team at The Book Refinery)

This letter is to thank you for all the hard work and attention to detail from you whilst you were working on the layout of my book.

Your lively manner and voice infused every conversation with energy and gave me the boost I needed to discuss yet another revision! You worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was perfect and to my satisfaction.

Your experience and professionalism gave me complete confidence that my book would meet the highest standards.

Throughout the entire process, your sense of humour created a sense of fun and purpose in even the most difficult times.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and of this book which means so much to me. Your personal interest throughout, and in my reaction to our final creation caused me to feel that this was not just another assignment for you.

I appreciate too that you maintain contact ensuring that all the necessary details for the landing page, free handouts and so on are finalised.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards
Ingrid Ord

Terry Edwards—author of ‘The 7 Deadly Threats’

7 Deadly Threats“I must say I was reluctant and hesitant at first as I have never written a book before and though I knew it would be great if I did write a book, I just didn’t know where to start!

Alexa was recommended to me by Paul Green, when I made a few enquires as to who I should speak too. Almost immediately Alexa was able to put my mind at rest.

Her boundless energy and enthusiasm was at times infectious as she cajoled and gently pushed me towards completion of my first book. (I have to admit here, I did find myself steering off track a few times, but Alexa gently, and sometimes firmly, got me back on track!)

Not only did she help with the content layout but she also arranged the printing and delivery – which was a great relief as I had no idea how to go about this. The Book Refinery really is a one-stop shop for book writing and publishing)

In fact I enjoyed it so much I am now in the process of writing my second book and have so much more confidence in my own writing ability!

If you believe you have a book in you, and want someone to get the book out and the best out of you, then I would highly recommend having a conversation with Alexa and her team. They really know what they are talking about!”

Freddie Raynor—author of ‘How I bought a house for £1’

How I Bought a House for £1“Alexa and her team at The Book Refinery really helped get my book out of my head and into print! They encouraged me to keep writing (even when I was struggling with other deadlines) and they helped me set up everything I needed to know about writing and publishing a real book!

I’m also really pleased with the cover (a clever use of font and colours) to really align my content to what I was wanting to express to my target audience.

My book is selling well on Amazon and I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without Alexa’s help.

I would certainly recommend The Book Refinery to anyone considering writing a book, as without their help, this just wouldn’t have been published.”

Katrina Blunt—author of ‘Ultimate Idea Generation’

Ultimate Idea Generation“If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable in their field, a pleasure to work with, with just the right mix of patience and tenacity, then I would thoroughly recommend Alexa as your book coach.

I came across Alexa and her team quite a while ago after reading a couple of books that she’d been involved in publishing. I sent for a free report about becoming a published author and we exchanged a few emails. I had been contemplating a few different ways to get my expertise out there and had almost completed writing a 30-day course to be delivered via email. But something about that didn’t feel right.

So after an email from Alexa to see how I was getting on, (she knew I was thinking about a book) I realised that converting my 30-day course into a book was the way forward. I had spotted a gap in the market – having come across so many people who wanted to start their own business but who were struggling to come up with a good idea.

I set myself a deadline for the writing of the book, which Alexa made sure I stuck to and finally got the point where I was happy to send my completed book over to The Book Refinery for a full quote.

They came back with a very fair price and also suggested that I have my document read by a few people, as I had quite a few long sentences in there that weren’t easy to read (much like this testimonial I should think!) A critical step, that I’m glad she made me take. No point in writing a book, if it’s not proof read and edited.

Once the final document was agreed I basically handed over to Alexa and her team and they then provided me with a PDF version with a free extract to be used for promotional purposes, then a print ready version, ready for the printers. I had an idea in my mind for the cover of my book and worked with Alexa on getting it just right.

The Book Refinery then handled the rest, from ISBN numbers, to printing quotes and managing the entire printing process (which was great for me, as I had no clue how that side of publishing works) – so once I emailed her the finished word doc, I then just waited for the printed book to be delivered!

Alexa also gave me step-by-step instructions on how to get my book onto Amazon which I have just done. And I’ll be adding the Kindle version, (which The Book Refinery also did for me), to the site soon.

Since I had my book, Ultimate Idea Generation, published, I have already had more and more requests for help from individuals and small businesses. So I’m busy writing my second book and won’t hesitate to choose Alexa again as my book coach!”

Tony Messer & Pilar Torres Wahlberg—authors of ‘The Lazy Website Syndrome’

The Lazy Website Syndrome“There is nothing like having your own book in your hand. I don’t think I’ve been so excited since being a child on Christmas morning.

When you first realise that you want to write a book, it seems a daunting prospect. Getting a book published is something that ‘other people’ do. But once you have overcome that initial hurdle and you sketch things out, it starts to appear feasible.

However, that’s when the problems started! It’s fairly easy to lose the plot, even in your own book!

This is where Alexa comes in. She has been invaluable in terms of giving us direction, gently pointing us in the right direction of getting the initial plan down on paper. Whereas before we had the ideas for the book, they were really just sketches that lacked a coherent theme and more importantly, a compelling ‘Call to Action’.

Alexa has been excellent at helping us to develop a narrative that means that the book has a much better flow to it than before.

That is not to say that she will do all the work for you. Our regular online meetings were a great way to ensure that progress was continual as there was pressure on us to complete our actions. There is no slacking and I am convinced that we would never have released the book so soon without Alexa’s help.

Once it was written, Alexa and her team at The Book Refinery set everything up, from arranging proof reading, typesetting and publishing, (she has her own publishing house) so it really was a turnkey project.

A book is a fantastic way to position yourself in your chosen field as a ‘go to’ expert and if you want THE go to writing coach and publisher, then Alexa comes highly recommended.”

The 5-Star rated book The Lazy Website Syndrome is available in both paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.co.uk.

‘The Natural Sales Evolution’—by Natural Training

Natural Sales Evolution“As Alexa and her team at The Book Refinery produced and published my first book, so when I was asked to publish and produce The Natural Sales Evolution for Natural Training, I immediately got Alexa on board.

She helped create a 240 page e-book, as well as a paperback and Kindle edition too. She and her team were incredibly patient with all of our changes (there were quite a few, as the book evolved) and the book is now tirelessly working to gain new clients into our sales funnel. She even helped us get the book listed on Amazon, (as well as the Kindle version) – and it’s available for download both on our site, and on Amazon.

Alexa was able to not only turnaround this huge project in a matter of months, but also come up with a great looking cover (we really had no idea what concept to use) and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of writing or publishing their book to use The Book Refinery.

Although I now no longer consult with Natural Training, I was involved with the entire book project, and I know Alexa’s involvement made the project move forward quickly and easily.

I can’t rate her services highly enough!”

—Fiona Challis

Richard Morgan—author of ‘How to Get the Best IT Job Ever!’

How to Get The Best IT Job Ever“Writing a book had been on my ‘to do list’ for quite some time, the only problem was I was extremely busy and just couldn’t see how I could fit it in to my ever demanding schedule.

I had heard of Alexa’s services through a colleague of mine and decided, (after a few persuading emails of hers) to give her a call. She was energetic and enthusiastic and it was hard not to be inspired by her ‘can do’ approach.

We quickly established what the book was going to be about, and who the book was for (and without those key aspects determined first would have been a much harder project) and I signed up for 2 months of coaching, which helped me get the strategies in place to write my book.

However, it was soon apparent that writing a book, compared to writing sales copy (what I do easily) was very different, and I soon found myself struggling to complete my publishing project. I was really finding the whole process difficult and it was frustrating to say the least – I mean I had a writing coach, surely that was enough?!

After talking this through with Alexa, she came up with a different tack – and after exploring my ability to talk animatedly about what I wanted to write about, we hit on the strategy of recording my book, then transcribing it.

It worked like magic!

Alexa also helped me with the all-important call to actions (I was unsure how these were going to work…) as well as helping me with my marketing strategy and before the book was printed, I already had an order for 20+ books!

This book would not have been finished without Alexa’s support and her expertise in knowing what to write about, how to make it interesting for the reader, and more importantly how to inspire the reader to find out more about my back end services.

If you’re thinking of writing a book – then give Alexa a call first. She will be able to guide you through all of the important questions you need to ask, before you start (or if you have started what you need to consider) as well as helping you finish and getting the book to print. (By the way, once you’ve written your book, you just hand it over to her and her team, and she does the rest for you… cover, book design, printing… the lot!!)

I can’t recommend her services highly enough!”

Paul Hajek—author of “Don’t Even Think of Buying or Selling Your Home, Until You’ve Read This Book!”

Don't Even Think of Buying or Selling a House Until You've Read This Book“I knew that writing a book would be a smart move. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but running a busy Conveyancing Solicitors firm, time was never really on my side.

However, I did have a free report which I was offering targeted customers (in return for their name and email address) and wondered whether or not that would be enough to be turned into a book.

That was when I got in touch with Alexa from The Book Refinery. I had heard about her expertise from another colleague and after speaking with her, she confirmed that yes, in fact I already had the majority of the book written (the report) and with a few planning sessions, we were able to turn it into a full blown, 96 page proper bound paperback, with minimal amount of fuss.

I only needed to add updated information and surprisingly, not that much more material was needed. It’s surprising how – if you get a professional typesetter – you can turn a seemingly short report into a proper publication. (And not a ‘free’ e-book.)

Alexa held my metaphorical hand throughout the process, and injected much needed creativity and flair as well as smoothing out the inevitable stresses and strains (she took care of the printing side of things as well) and within 8 weeks, I was a published author and took delivery of a book, for which I am very proud.

In fact, I was so impressed by how she was able to quickly and effortlessly turn this project around, I have already threatened her with my next project and I have no alternative but to retain her for my second publication!”

Simon Lotinga—author of “The 7 Mistakes Salon Owners Make” and “The Salon Owner’s Guide to Beating The Recession”

The Salon Owner's Guide“As a business coach and speaker who specialises in the Hair and Beauty industry I was always being asked when I was going to write a book.

I knew it was a good idea and I should get round to it but inevitably life kept getting in the way and it didn’t happen.

One day I was reading a post on line from Ed Rivis and he was saying how much Alexa had helped him with the publication of his first book. It gave me the push I needed and I started writing. I remember thinking “If Ed can do it, so can I” and 5 months later “The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes Salon Owners Make” was ready in a rough sort of form.

That’s when I contacted Alexa for the first time and If I’m being honest I was a little nervous, but I needn’t have worried because she was really encouraging, friendly and helpful.

She knew exactly what was needed, how to get it done and her advice and input made all the difference because 2 months later I was an author. With the benefit of hindsight I wish I’d contacted Alexa sooner in the process, because it would have saved me time … but we live and learn, don’t we!

The good news is, the reaction to the book was very positive. To date I’ve sold nearly 1500 copies, made a handsome profit and gained many new clients as well, so it was well worth doing … so much so I’ve just done it again!

‘The Salon Owners Guide To Beating The Recession” is now published and once again Alexa has come up trumps making the whole process quite simple and painless.

The new book has only been out for a week and already I’ve been approached by four new potential clients … so if you’re in business and are looking for a way to position yourself and what you do as an expert you must write a book … and if you’ve got any sense you’ll ask Alexa to help you!

Update 2013: Simon has now got two 5* reviews on Amazon.co.uk and his first book, The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes Salon Owners Make has got five 5* reviews.

The Salon Owner's Bible‘The Salon Owners Handbook’ – published Sept 2014

“As always Alexa’s help with my latest book ‘The Salon Owners Bible’ was invaluable. There’s a reason why I go back to her time after time for help bringing my books to market and it’s this … the way she brings everything together makes it all seem so easy!”

Andrew Ludlam—author of “Maverick Marketing”

Maverick Marketing“I was already aware that becoming a published author was a great positioning tool – it is after all the ultimate business card to give to prospects. In fact, I often urge clients to write a book. And so it was my turn!

Writing the manuscript was only the start of this journey, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the expert help of Alexa from The Book Refinery.

Alexa was great from start to finish; professional, personable, gently prodding and pushing me to get bits done! She also offered some great advice on how to turn the book into an effective marketing tool.

It’s one thing putting your thoughts and ideas on to paper, it’s another knowing how to lay out the book, design the cover, as well as all the myriad of technical requirements that go with producing a professional looking book.

However, if you want the help, support and guidance from a professional then there really is only one place to turn, Alexa Whitten and her team at The Book Refinery.”

Update: Andrew's book has multiple 5* star reviews on Amazon.co.uk and continues to generate highly targeted leads for his consulting business.

Mark May—author of ‘How To Rent A Property, Be A Great Landlord And Make More Money!’

How To Rent a Property“My book was written and published on Amazon in a 120 days, not without a little help from Alexa Whitten, head book coach at The Book Refinery.

Even when you have your book printed, that’s not the end of it. There are things to know and do.

My thanks to Alexa for helping me finally get there, great support, professional service. Anyone thinking of writing their first book, I would urge them to talk to Alexa before putting pen to paper.

Thanks once again.”

Rob Purfield—author of “The Ultimate Knockout Closing System”

The Ultimate Knockout Closing System“Well I made it! My book is at the Printer’s! There are so many things to think about that, as a layman, I would never have considered in the word to print process, and I have so many things to thank Alexa for.

I thought it would be simple; write a book, get it type set and then get it printed!


Alexa’s attention to detail was a godsend, this with her knowledge of what it takes to make the finished book come together properly, right down to how many pages I needed for the final product to actually work for the printer was invaluable.

Plus, the book would still be a work-in-progress without the deadlines that were imposed by having her involved in the process. Alexa’s gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) prompting kept me on track. Her regular ‘to do lists’ made sure I was able to do everything in the right order, and at the right time.

And the fact that she was available to answer my questions and provide me with hints and advice together with the generosity of sharing her considerable experience and expertise, really made the whole process painless. I especially appreciated the fixed project costing and was delighted to discover that I wasn’t being continually charged at every amendment. (We ended up with 8 versions of the book, before we got it right!)

Therefore, Alexa is, in my opinion, the ‘Go to Person for books’ for anyone who is really serious about producing a high quality product at a sensible cost, and I would really advise anyone to think twice before embarking on this journey without the support of a professional.

So, I absolutely recommend her services to anyone who needs support, input and guidance for the professional production of their written products. I can’t express enough how The Book Refinery have made this journey a pleasurable one, and I look forward to working with them again on my next project and many, many more in the future.”

Paul Hurst—author of “Business Survival & Prosperity Guaranteed – second edition”

Business Survival“Like many others, I had a long held dream of writing a book. There were several false starts, and even one painful time when the first ‘Word’ file became corrupted beyond salvage or repair. But in 2009 ‘Business Survival & Prosperity Guaranteed’, finally made it to publication. The first edition sold out, and an improved second edition followed.

The book did not end up as originally planned. It sort of evolved along the way – the act of thinking about the subject, my experiences to date and what advice to give readers made me take a much wider view of my business life to date. I ended up covering a much broader range than first envisaged, and the overview caused me to think of other opportunities, other openings to explore. The process of writing helped me make sense of the bigger picture.

I had been told that the mere fact of being an author would change other’s perceptions of me, and this indeed proved to be the case. It did not come as a surprise though, as a psychology undergraduate I understood the way we use handy mental shorthand to quickly pigeon hole others, assigning characteristics to a group as a whole. And I already knew that describing myself as a Company Director would get a different response to calling myself a musician. Being the published author of a glossy paperback seems to make others treat me with more weight. It is certainly far more effective (and probably cheaper!) to give a business contact a signed copy of a book, rather than the conventional T shirt, coffee mug or mouse mat.

One of the biggest ‘wow’ moments in the journey was having the text formatted into a proper book layout by Alexa.

Up to that point, it resembled nothing more than an essay, or lengthy bit of correspondence. All of a sudden though, it was transformed into looking just like a real book. Not only that, Alexa also picked up on typos, layout errors, dodgy grammar and other mistakes that I was too close to the project to see. Yes, I could still have had the book printed without her help, but it would have been pretty naff and somewhat of an embarrassment.

Writing can be a pretty lonely occupation, there are times when two heads are definitely better than one!”

Fiona Challis—author of “How to Treble your sales results in Six Weeks!”

How To Treble Your Sales Results in Six Weeks“Having learned and understood the importance of writing a book, not only for positioning myself as an expert in my field, but being able to use it as a very low cost, but highly targeted client acquisition tool – I wrote “How to Treble your sales results in Six weeks.”

I used the technique that Alexa recommends, which is to mindmap the idea of what I wanted the book to say, (what Alexa refers to as a ‘blueprint plan‘) I then recorded the book content and got it transcribed. Once that was finished, I then handed it over to Alexa and she, with her knowledge and expertise transformed it into a 96 page book.

The result was fantastic! Alexa understood the purpose, and efficiently turned the project around in under 8 weeks, and that included the printing.

She included things that I didn’t even think of, and consequently didn’t have to worry about, and within weeks I had a web friendly PDF which I was able to use, whilst the book was at the printers.

In fact, I only used Alexa – I didn’t have time to get individual quotes for the different aspects of the book, she was a one stop shop, and that was invaluable, especially when you’re running a busy business.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alexa and her team again.

Think it’s hard to write and publish a book? Think again, it’s easy and relatively low cost, but gets great results and does more than you could ever realise to propel you into the ‘authorship circle.’

Alan Hughes—author of “The Single Most Helpful & Profitable Book Ever Written For Your UK Small Business… fail to read it at your peril (seriously)”

The Single Most Helpful & Profitable Book Ever Written For Your UK Small Business“Writing my book was a lot less daunting than I imagined it would be. It is only when you actually sit down and put everything in print that you realise just how much you know about a subject.

I have used my books at a series of small seminars I have been running and people are very impressed when they realise they are listening to a ‘published author’ – an expert in their field.

Writing a book is one thing, knowing how to get it published and all the technical requirements like bar codes, page layout and ISBN’s is what would have held me back if it wasn’t for Alexa’s skill and knowledge.

Their service is so professional and friendly. They made it all happen so effortlessly.

If you think you have a book in you, get writing. Alexa will do the rest.”

Hollie Wilson—author of “Superstar Staff Solution”

The Superstar Staff Solution“I realised I knew a lot about my niche, so I decided to write a book. I had 3 year’s worth of notes and case studies which then became pages and pages of a Word document… but what next?

I teamed up with Alexa, who has the skills, knowledge and artistic know how to plan and produce a book . Alexa took my pages and pages of text and within a week the book was produced, designed and on the printing press, registered with an ISBN number and published on Amazon.

My book has become the core of my business. I gift it to business owners and managers all over the UK, it’s a great way to attract new customers or clients, it holds so much value and they get to read and apply what I teach for themselves.

If you have a niche, I recommend you use their services to motivate you and get you to actually produce a book of your own. It gives you confidence and immediately catapults you to being an expert in your field. Even if you don’t have anything written on paper yet, I know for a fact that Alexa has a very good formula to actually get your book out of you from scratch, so don’t think for one second you cannot write a book. If you can sit and talk to your friend for an hour about what you do then you too have the expertise to produce a book effortlessly with Alexa’s help.”

Tim Wareing—author of “Toddler Soccer – The essential guide to a toddlers First steps in soccer”

“Alexa and her team helped make my first book a reality through their professionalism and friendly support.

They took my dream of writing my first book by publishing inside 3 months! Not only did they support me every step of the way but they organised everything from ISBN numbers, the legal side of things right to the basic design and lay out.

They even showed me how to get my book onto Amazon! Another huge bonus they offered was making my book available as an e-book. This has assisted in the sales doubling and more!

Within 7 months of the book being published it has sold in 18 different countries along with Amazon and SoccerTutor.com wanting to work with me. In fact I have been offered to write another book! The interest around the book offered me an interview live on BBC Radio, you can listen to my interview here.

This really has put me as a leader in my market place with interest coming from all parts of the globe. I would not hesitate in recommending Alexa to publish your book. You will not find a more friendly, honest, professional woman than Alexa. My project was paid for inside 3 months! I’ll soon be contacting Alexa again for my second edition!”

1-on-1 CoachingUpdate: Alexa and her talented team completed my first book, ‘Toddler Soccer the Essential Guide’ to such a high standard that I’ve returned a year later for Alexa to publish my second book.

‘1-on-1 Coaching The Secrets To Improve ALL Football Players – GUARANTEED!’ was a project started during April 2011 & completed in June 2011. I always find Alexa and her team a pleasure to work with. Their friendly, down to earth, but professional approach, allows people like me to develop their profession into a book.

Alexa helped tweak important issues in the book. This included the title of the book, back cover info, landing / squeeze page and overall look and feel to the book / e-book.

The saying, ‘everyone has a book in them’, I believe is true to an extent but unless you get the right people to develop your project your dream will not become a reality.

Let Alexa and her dream team make it happen.”

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