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Dear Soon-to-be-Author,

I’m offering you a free report which explains how to write a book that you can use as a powerful lead generator to get hundreds of new clients and customers into your sales pipelines and marketing funnels.

Being good in your industry is not enough anymore, especially in this economical climate – you need to be an ‘expert’ within your field in order to stand out from your competitors, and in this report I show you one of the quickest ways of establishing this within your business arena.

Fill in the form on the right to gain instant access to this 18 page report – delivered straight to your inbox – and take advantage of this simple strategy which positions you as an ‘expert’ almost instantly.

In this report you will discover…

  • How to instantly become a perceived ‘expert’ within your niche.
  • How to use your book to get hundreds of new clients and customers into your sales funnel.
  • What to write about and how to solve your customers biggest challenge.
  • Why – once becoming an author – you then become the ‘only logical choice’.
  • How easy it is to write a book once you understand this clever tactic.
  • How to plan your book quickly and easily so that is virtually writes itself
  • The step by step process of how to get your book to print (It’s easier than you think!)
  • Plus much much more…

Just fill in your name and email address on the right and I look forward to sharing this really valuable information with you, so that you can become a published author within 12 weeks, and then the ‘only logical choice’ in the eyes of your potential customers and clients! . .


Alexa Whitten, head book coach at the Book Refinery.

P.S. This report is based on the many years of experience I’ve accumulated as a book coach for business owners – helping them to write, publish and promote books which they’ve then used as highly effective lead generation devices.