How to write a book online course from The Book Refinery Alexa Whitten

Have you had 'write a book' on your to-do list but you just never seem to get round to getting it started?

You know you have valuable content and you've heard quite a few people say, "you should write a book!" but you just don't know where to start...?

Well, I've got the answer...

My brand new #thisistheyear 5-Day Kickstarter Course To Get Your Book Planned and Written.

No more excuses. No more, "I don't know where to begin" - this quick, easy to implement course will have you writing your book in no time and you can then add 'author' to your list of achievements at the end of the year.

There really is nothing like seeing your book listed on Amazon, or getting someone to ask you to sign their copy of YOUR book (one of my faves!)

If you follow my course and do all of the tasks (yes, you will need to do some writing, but I tell you exactly how in easy to follow step by step instructions) then in less than a week you could have your first chapter written and done.

How good would that feel?

In brief, here's what the course covers;

  • Day 1 - Identifying your niche, why that is really important and how you can use that to point your readers to your high paying items.
  • Day 2 - Identifying your readers - equally critical as this will help you with your routes to market. I also include some tips on how to sell, and where.
  • Day 3 - Your core message, and why this book is of interest to your readers.
  • Day 4 - What is your call to action? (What do you want people to do once they've read the book)
  • Day 5 - The Plan. How to write it and what to include.

So there it is, simple, effective and most importantly easy to implement.

You'll need just 30 - 45 minutes for the first 4 days, and about an hour to an hour and a half for the plan itself.

That's less than 300 minutes to kickstart one of the most powerful resources you can have in your business.

Ready to get going?

.... but hang on, what's the cost?

So, this 5 day course is currently on offer at just £24 until the end of October 2020. That's a saving of £45!

A very small investment that will put you ahead of your competitors and could engineer thousands of pounds worth of back end sales.

I'm proud to have created authors who have turned a ROI of thousands, including one author who has made over £20,000 from writing a book, award winning authors, bestselling authors and authors who have achieved their lifelong ambition of seeing their book in print.

Now it's your time.

Ready to get started?

Just click the 'Let's Go' button below and you'll be on your way to writing your first book, and making this year THE year you became an author.

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