KDP (Amazon Print on Demand) Upload and Kindle Edition Conversion Service

Congratulations on becoming an author! It's now time to maximise every opportunity to allow the world to read your masterpiece.

Amazon undeniably opens up the world for self-published authors and many consumers trust the site, so although your profits won't be as high as if you're selling the book yourself, you must get your book on there.

But how? Well, that's where I come in.

I'll take your formatted book* and convert it into the necessary specifications for the print-on-demand, and or Kindle system and upload it.

You and I will then have a 45-minute Zoom call (as we'll need to input personal information to the Amazon software) and in 72 hours** your book will be live around the world!

*This service requires specific formatting. The KDP service is offered to authors who have had their books formatted by me. The Kindle conversion service can be done using books formatted in Microsoft Word, or PDF.

**Amazon's promise

Publishing iconKDP (Print on Demand) upload service

KDP is the platform Amazon own and use to host your files so they can fulfil your paperback orders (print on demand).

Many of my clients start selling their books on their own websites so they can further engage with the readers, but as soon as they start selling on Amazon there's an increase in sales because ultimately, people trust Amazon and also many consumers have Amazon Prime, enabling them to buy your book without postage.

If you want to reach a wider audience I wholly recommend you have your book available on Amazon's print on demand service.

I can do all of that for you:

  • Book conversion to KDP specifications [Your book will need to be typeset and your cover designed*] if you have used our typesetting and cover design services then these files will be formatted for this accordingly
  • 45 minute Zoom call to complete all required information on Amazon (I'll send you a list of what's needed in advance of the call)
  • Formatted book upload
  • Monitoring approval process from Amazon
  • Promoting your book on my social media channels

I also offer Kindle edition formatting, see below.

*Your book will need to be typeset for print, and your cover designed. This service takes your print ready files and converts them for KDP print on demand service. This price does NOT include formatting Word docs.

Or £45 if you already have a KDP account

Here's what past KDP clients said:

We have recently self published a Book entitled My Ten and a Half Arctic Convoys. It is the life story of Alec Penstone who is ninety eight and one of the last survivors of the Second World War Arctic Convoys and the D-Day Invasion of France.

We wanted to also turn the Book into a Kindle but struggled to do so. We came across Alexa's details and enlisted her help. She immediately took charge and shepherded us towards the transition of the Book to a Kindle. This she did with the minimum of fuss and she oversaw the uploading of it to Amazon Kindle.

It was a pleasure to work with her and we would not hesitate to use her services again.

James King - Buy the book

Working with Alexa is an amazing experience. Her level of knowledge and expertise is immense. She has not only taught me so much but has been incredibly patient as I have wanted things to be "just so". A professional.

The end product is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you The (Brilliant)Book Refinery 

Rie Pearson

The KDP system ( print on demand) that enables buyers to order and receive drive books directly from Amazon saves authors time and money. No longer do they have to wade through the order process and pay for postage to send a book to Amazon.

The Book Refinery provides an excellent KDP upload service that took less than half an hour to set up and resulted in  a book sale within hours. Another big plus for Alexa and her team.

Charles Bevan

After many publications with big publishers, I wanted to try to self-publish my next coaching book (in German) with Kindle. But then I kept getting stuck with small and big difficulties with the KDP program. I sought help from experts in Germany, but they responded very lethargically and left me hanging. I kept trying on my own, but it was a frustrating Sysiphos job: every time I thought everything was okay, I got unclear feedback and I had to start all over again.

That's when I had the idea to look for UK experts on the Internet and found The Book Refinery. Alexa was very prompt, uncomplicated, super competent and understanding. It was no problem for her that the book is written in German. Wonderful that I found her! Next, I am working on a translation into English. I will of course ask for help from Alexa again!

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Greif

Until I contacted Alexa at The Book Refinery, (Compass Publishing) I was really struggling as no one out there was willing to help a struggling first time author. Alexa helped with the book verso, the barcode and when I felt it was the right time to put my book onto Amazon She set up the KDP upload. She did this for me in no time at all. I have recommended Alexa to several first time and previously published authors, they too have found her services invaluable.

Sue Thorne

I don't have a clue about the way that the Amazon KDP service works, so I decided to work with Alexa to help get my book onto Amazon. Alexa was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process.

She was able to talk me through technical aspects like having the book sized correctly - especially the margin. Alexa helped me to work through the KDP platform and that was invaluable to me. Prior to uploading the book, she gave me some clear instructions, and Alexas attention to detail helped make sure my book was published on Amazon without any issues.

Alexa was very patient and answered all my questions, no matter how stupid they might have been. Her postive attitude and constant encouragement made the entire experience fun! And she saved me a lot of time as well a the headache of having to do it myself.

And thanks to Alexa, my book's now available to readers worldwide! I'd highly recommend Alexa to anyone looking for a reliable person to help self-publishing their book on Amazon's KDP service.

Bhavini Lakhani

Alexa is clearly incredibly knowledgeable and helped us with clear direction and advice. She went out of her way to help and provided very practical support that made it clear she wanted to help us get the best outcome.

Helena Wardle

If you have any questions do get in touch by email at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or call 07935 366630

Publishing iconKindle Edition conversion

A lot of authors like to have their book available as a kindle edition as well as a physical one.

Unfortuneatly, KDP insinuates that you can simply upload your Microsift Word doc or PDF and hit a button. Alas, most books that are converted this way look awful and the formatting is really hard to read.

I offer a comprehensive conversion service that gets your kindle edition looking almost identical to your print version.

There are two types of output available, reflowable and fixed.
Reflowable is suitable to fiction and anything that doesn't require pictures to appear in specific places.
Fixed is suitable for picture books and complicated business non-fiction books.

Prices from .45 per page*

You will also need to provide a cover image for upload. if you use my KDP upload service (see above), then this will be included.

*This is just a guideline, and quotes will be given once the full book has been sent. Email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com

If you have any questions do get in touch by email at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or call 07935 366630

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