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‘Get That Book Written’ Workbook

From procrastination… to published

Writing a book is at the top of your to-do list.

A half-written/half-arsed attempt at said book, which is currently sitting in an untouched Word/Pages file, languishes in the bowels of your laptop [or Apple-based product if you’re a fellow cult convert such as myself].

No doubt you’re having as much fun drafting your manuscript as you did completing [and paying] your self-assessment tax return at the end of last January.

Whatever the status of your book [or your desire to finally write one], having the knowledge and support of a book coach can be extremely helpful in taking you from procrastination… to published [did you see what I did there?]

Writing a book does magical things to your credibility.

When you’re recognised and proven as an expert [and a published book will do that for you], you can go right ahead and charge expert prices for your services. Because let’s be honest, there’s still a part of you right now that isn’t fully confident in charging for the full value of your knowledge and expertise. Am I right?

A book elevates your professional standing like no other product or service can. Why should clients choose you over your competitors? Because you’ve literally written a book on your subject [and you can even get the t-shirt - but that’s a conversation for another time.]

Notice how I refer to myself as a book coach? On all of my branding, however, I’m known as The Author Maker. I’m an author myself and I know how difficult it is to get that book written, which means I know exactly how to support budding authors just like you to make it through this [incredibly rewarding] challenge.

In 12 years I’ve supported hundreds of writers to become published authors. But let’s get real about something here - coaching costs money, and so investing in my coaching packages isn’t going to be right for everyone. That’s why I’ve created my ‘Get That Book Written’ Workbook to support anyone who wants to take five simple steps to go from procrastination… to published [any excuse to get that bit of genius copywriting in again, I know].

But when are you going to have time to work through your copy of Get That Book Written?

I knew you’d ask that - I know, I’m a smart arse.

Get yourself over to my FREE Magic Time Machine Zoom Room on Fridays, and join in with a supportive community of budding authors just like you who are already using a copy of this immensely valuable and bargainous resource [£49] to kickstart their published status.

Okay, you’ve got this far, so stop reading and start writing!

Go download your copy now.

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