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I would LOVE your opinion – which one is it going to be?

At last, I’ve finished my book and I can’t tell you how excited I am! ‘The Outstanding Coach’ is aimed at coaches and trainers and is all about the importance of finding a niche, and then telling the world how good you are in that specific area by writing a book.

It’s what I teach all of my clients, and now I’m just a few steps away from being a published author and I can’t wait!

However, there is one critical step left…and I was hoping you might be able to help me. You see I’ve totally lost my ‘unbiased opinion’ and I need help to see which book cover I’ve created resonates best with my soon to be readers. This is a very important step, and something I do on a weekly basis (creating covers) BUT because it’s my cover, I can’t seem to choose one out of the four I’ve designed – so I thought, “why not ask the audience” and see which book jacket cover they like – after all, they are the ones who are (hopefully) going to be interested in it.

So I’ve put together a survey, displaying the 4 covers, and would be really appreciative if you could take just a few minutes to select which one you like the best.

Update: Survey now closed – but take a look at the lesson’s learn’t (and the new cover design!)

Then, when the winning cover has been chosen, you will be informed, and I will be making an opportunity available for you to get hold of a copy – absolutely free! Then you will have the tools to be able to start writing your own book (if you haven’t already) and join the elite club that is ‘published author!’

Update: Survey now closed – but take a look at the lesson’s learn’t (and the new cover design!)

Have any comments or feedback? Then simply fill in the comments box below. Also if you know anyone that might like to take part in the survey, just copy and paste the url at the top of this page into an email – or tweet this page by clicking on the ‘tweet’ button. Can’t wait to hear people’s opinions, and see which one wins!