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Just write down your title!

Getting out of the day to day running of your business can sometimes unlock the ‘working in’ mentality that most business owners face when running a busy organisation. Shutting down the computer, and leaving the office behind can suddenly let you see your business from a different perspective and all sorts of creative ideas can flood your mind.

Well, you shouldn’t let those creative rumblings go to waste. Let your mind explore them and write them down. (Use your smart phone if you have too!) It can be anything from a new idea to offer your clients, or an auto responder sequence, or even a title for your book.

The simple action of writing down your concepts can really help move your project forward. Even if it’s a seed of a thought, don’t let it be forgotten. Keep a note book handy and jot it down.

The simple act of writing a possible book title can really help with germinating the idea and suddenly you will have chapter headings and enough content to plan and write your book.

Use the time away from your business to unlock your creative ideas. Then write them down and add to them when you can. You will be surprised at how that single act can then get a project off the ground and on its way to completion!

Alexa, your book coach