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My Blueprint Plan


Wow, the last two weeks have just flown by…

I have taken on a few new clients, so it’s been very busy but also exciting to hear of new projects and the enthusiasm that goes with that – the key is, to keep this enthusiasm high!

Okay, so my ‘blueprint plan’ is now finished. (Well, not entirely finished, as this plan can be added too and amended, but it’s at the point where I can take each section and start adding in text.) I have pasted it in below for you to see – it is a bit small, however it’s got a lot of stuff on it – so I’m slightly limited to how big the picture can be. (If you click on it however, it will open up to a larger size)

Mind map

One thing I did learn from this experience, (and actually, one of my clients pointed this out to me too) is that it does pay to really learn how to use the mind mapping software you are using.

Now that may seem obvious, but it’s very easy to download software and just jump in, rather than taking the time to learn how to use it – and use it to its full potential, compared to scrabbling around trying to add an idea or important note, but not knowing how to do it.

I have to say I fell into this trap myself and it became very annoying and frustrating. So what I did was, first take a good look at their training – and then did a look on the Internet for any additional video tutorials, which there were many.

I use Free Mind (available from www.freemind.sourceforge.net) and I found this handy YouTube video as well. Some great little hints in there – so don’t skip on this step.

Then once you are up and creating your mind map, don’t edit yourself at this stage. Just keep adding ideas, you can always edit them later and get them fitted into the correct place once you have all of your thoughts down in one place.

You should look to spend a good amount of time on this, anything from a week to 10 days (sometimes even more, depending on your project) so don’t feel you are ‘wasting time’. This blueprint will become just that – your plan that will make your writing project quick and easy. You should get to the stage where you are literally just fleshing out each point on your mind map – effectively writing the book instantly.

So get planning – and good luck. Please feel free to comment below, with your planning journey – or any tips you have picked up with your writing process.

Alexa, Your book coach.


  • Working on the Blueprint Plan has become, with Alexa’s invaluable support, the focus of organising the structure and content of my first book. Now I can see it taking shape before my very eyes. This is, in itself, highly encouraging. Furthermore, the Blueprint Plan breaks the whole into more manageable bite sized pieces – suddenly the project does not seem so onerous after all.

    • Alexa

      Thanks Marius. I think it’s fair to say, that getting this plan done before you start any writing is key to a successful, coherent book.

      Your blueprint plan is taking shape – and thank you for your tip with the software!

      Keep going. Alexa