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A pioneer in digital publishing has gone back to print!

StephenKingNo one can argue that e-books are here to stay. They are not a passing fad, and have increased in sales by 80% and now claim over 25% of all books sold in the US. Although it’s interesting that reports claim that paperback books have also risen in sales, as much as 12% for 2012! So when I say to my clients “Don’t forget the paperback” I say it for a reason.

People (more specifically, business owners) seem to be neglecting the print option. They are falling into the e-book allure, and because it seems cheaper and quicker, this is the option they’re using. But that’s a false sense of security… and I’ll explain why in just a minute.

In fact, it leads me to this interesting article I found in The Telegraph:

Stephen King delays e-book in favour of print:

Stephen King, the author and digital pioneer, has held back on an e-book
version of his new novel, hoping to encourage print sales…continue reading

Business owners are busy people and add to the mix that gaining new business is (or seems) harder than previous years we are always looking for the fastest, cheapest options. Any way to get new leads is obviously at the top of the list, and one very efficient way of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise is becoming an author. However, just publishing an e-book is probably not as ‘unique’ as it used to be.

Everyone seems to have one and of course one of the reasons why, is that producing an e-book is deemed ‘easier and cheaper’ – but there in lies the conundrum. One of the reasons why authors are held in such high regard, is because there is hidden ‘magic’ behind being an author of a properly published physical book. Publishing is all rather complicated (if not expensive, right?) and so if you have one (a printed book) then you must belong to this ‘special group’ of people. Being an author of an e-book just isn’t quite the same….as it reveals ‘self published’ and because anyone can publish an e-book, the ‘expert factor’ is somewhat diminished.

This is why going that extra step, and committing to print is so powerful. You’re really standing for what you’re writing about, and when you send that book to your prospective client, it’s like they have physical proof of your knowledge. Never underestimate the ‘thud’ factor! Plus you are able to get your prospects address (for sending the book) which is great for any direct mail campaigns, and you can even add a book launch to your arsenal of ‘marketing strategies’.

So, when you come to writing, or publishing your next project (or first one) remember the print option and give the paperback some serious consideration. It’s worked for the last 2 centuries, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Not sure where to start? Think that printing is way too complicated? Got an e-book you want printing, then let The Book Refinery help you. We have many years experience of getting written material into print and would love to help you do the same. Just drop me an email at alexa@thebookrefinery.com and we can go through your options.