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How to get your publication seen by over 3,000 distributers and buyers as well as increasing your sales

binoculars-smallPublishing your book is one of the most exciting stages of book production. Finally all of your hard work is now in print, and getting your book into the hands of your target audience is the next step.

Of course uploading your brand new shiny book onto Amazon is really important (it can really boost your profile) but it’s not the ONLY place you should be selling or listing your book. (The amount they charge in commission is very high, so you should really look at other channels to maximise your revenue potential.)

Getting yourself in as many different places as possible is key, however, when you self-publish it’s really hard to get yourself in the National book shops, as they only like to deal with the big boys (e.g. Harper Collins, Oxford Press, Penguin etc.) and where do you start with all of the online stores, like Play, Bookstore, not to mention all of the libraries across the UK? Plus, it’s not just book shops that sell books, go into your local Asda, Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s and you will usually see a large book section. So how do you get yourself seen by these channels?

…well, if you’re doing it on your own, the simple answer is not very easily!

However, there is another option available and it’s provided by Nielsen Book Services (the UK’s ISBN agency.) Now as an author you might not have heard of Nielsen’s, but they are where your publisher (or you, if you’ve bought your own) has bought your ISBN number from and when your book is published, your publisher then updates Nielsen’s with specific information about your book. This in turn is distributed – on a daily basis – to over 3,000 book sellers and distributers, be it Waterstones, WH Smith, Tesco’s etc. in over 100 countries.

Nielsen’s offers two services;

  1. ‘Pubweb’ which is the standard online book data service, which requires very basic information such as title, author, page count and dimensions of the book.
  2. ‘Enhanced Book Service’ (Pubweb’s stronger, fitter, bigger brother!) which is where you can add additional detailed information such as a synopsis, a short bio of the author, reviews and table of contents.

Both of which is then passed onto the booksellers and libraries in over 100 countries as these two portals holds data on all books published in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

Adding any additional information is vital to getting higher sales, and the ‘enhanced service’ allows you to upload much more specific information about your book, and as it’s updated daily, you are then able to keep your reviews fresh and enticing to your potential readers.


Providing Nielsen’s with this ‘added’ info proves to increase sales by as much as 28% – so it’s really worth the extra effort and you should definitely include this step in your publishing journey. Of course this service is only available to publishers (the person who the ISBN number is registered too) – so if you’ve used a publishing company, then get in touch with them and see if they use this ‘enhanced’ service. (If they don’t ask them why not… they are missing out on a very valuable strategy!)

If you are the owner of the ISBN number, then simply email them directly at pubreg.book@nielsen.com or contact them on 44(0)1483 712 20044(0)1483 712 200 and get yourself subscribed to the service – they are super helpful and it takes just a few minutes to set up (although for the enhanced service, there is a yearly fee).

We at the The book Refinery are always looking for new ways of getting published authors in front of distributers and booksellers, so we have decided to offer this enhanced service going forward. But if you’ve already published your book through us, then look out for the email offering you this exciting new opportunity for enhanced selling potential. This additional service will really benefit your sales efforts (with minimal effort) and get you seen by 1,000’s of book sellers worldwide!

If you have any further questions, then simply email us at info@thebookrefinery.com – or visit www.nielsenbookdata.co.uk.






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