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2 Ways to Quickly Help You Become an Author

My experience of working with business owners who want to become published authors is that they have one major factor to contend with, and that is time. They never seem to have enough of it and I understand that frustration. There’s always so much to do, and every day your ‘to do’ list gets longer and longer, with little let up.

So I have come up with two ways of helping you to reach your goal of becoming a published author quickly and easily. The only draw back is that it will make you have ‘Sell my book on Amazon’ as a task on that ‘to do’ list!
Setting up other people (or delegating others) to do the ‘everyday’ tasks is a really smart move, and will prevent you from burn out, and will ultimatley make you more successful as you will then have the time to work ‘on’ your buisness and not ‘in’ it! Outsourcing meanial tasks like book keeping, answering the phone, even replying to everyday emails can all be farmed out to ‘virtual’ PA’s and will free you up, so that you can work on getting more leads, and setting up proven successful projects like Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliences.

I think the one biggest objection for doing this is the seemingly added expense, but if you work out how much it’s costing YOU to do these things, you will see how much money you’re wasting, as it’s YOU that can be setting up the back end services and products that bring in the serious money. Paying someone minumum wage will be the best investment you can ever make. Companies like Time etc, www.timeetc.com and Virtual PA Company, www.virtualpa.co.uk are just a couple of examples, but if you type in ‘virtual pa’ into Google, you will get lots of results.

The other big reason why people don’t get their books written or published is that they have no accountability. Even when you’ve planned and started writing your book, unless you are in the top 3% of people who do become authors, you are going to fail if you aren’t able to stick to your commitment.

One of the quickest ways to overcome this is to acquire accountability. Get someone else on board that can figuratively ‘hold your feet to the fire’ and help you prioritise your time so that writing your book is then part of your day – then, before you know it – your book is published, and you have ‘List my Book on Amazon’ as a task. (Although if you choose the right publishing company, then they will do this for you 😉 )

    “Not being held accountable can seriously ruin the plan of getting your book finished and published.”

When you are left to your own devices, it’s amazing how the book writing task gets pushed further and further down the ‘to do’ list. It’s easily done, as it doesn’t have a ‘voice’  and doesn’t keep emailing you with ‘don’t forget about me’ in the subject line!

With my book coaching service, you can have a printed book in your hands within three months of us starting together! 98% of my clients have become authors. The 2% who didn’t, chose the wrong time to start their project, because personal circumstances made them unable to fully commit (an important factor to consider before you embark on this journey) within this time frame. Just take a look at my past clients testimonials, and let them tell you how easy it was to write their book, when I was on board, helping them.

I will help you be accountable, as well as setting the right foundations in place, so that your book gets written quickly, with no hassle, and all while still running a busy business.

Please get in touch and let’s start talking about your project. We can have a quick, no obligation phone call, to see how I can help get your writing project out of your head, off your hard drive and into print! Simply email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or fill out an enquiry form on the home page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alexa, your book coach.