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Time for action – 6 easy to steps to getting your book written!

Jumping into actionIt’s April already, and although Spring is officially here, weather wise it still feels like winter. But we musn’t let the extended cold dampen our activities, and just like Spring is recognised for new beginnings, and re-growth, the same must be said for our business activites. (You may have noticed my new look website, all part of my spring into action theme)

If you’ve had ‘become an author’ or ‘get that book written’ on your New Years resolution list, then now is the time to spring that activity into action. And what better time than now. The evenings are getting lighter, the warmer weather is on it’s way (I hope) and in just 12 weeks you could be benefiting from the accolade of ‘author’ – just in time for summer – when you can use your book as a fanatastic lead generator, streaming in hundreds of new clients, whilst you enjoy your yearly summer break.

So, how do you get your book project off the ground?

Here are 6 simple steps to get it started:

  1. Have your target audience well defined – E.g. Small business owner, aged between 30-55, works in the service industry, turns over £30,000 PA, has 3 or more employees
  2. Work out what their biggest frustration is – E.g. Want more clients
  3. Answer the question with what they should be doing (but not HOW they should be doing it) – E.g. How to attract more clients by optomising their website, and providing great content
  4. Write down a working title – E.g How to attract hundreds of new clients by using a simple web optimization strategy.
  5. Come up with 5 or 6 headings that cover that information – E.g. Getting your website ready for optimization, How to use SEO, Content Ideas for your website…etc.
  6. Start writing a few pages for each heading, and before you know it, you’ll have 30 – 40 pages of A4, and technically a book!

You may think that I’m oversimplifying it, but really I’m not. This is how many of my clients have written their book and they are all now enjoying the fruits of their labour. In fact, one of them – who I spoke to today – has garnered over £6,000 in income from his book and that was just from 1 reader!

Now you may think, “Oh, well it’s okay for him, they must have lots of time, and be a great writer!” but that was simply not the case. This client didn’t have a lot of spare time and he wasn’t a natural writer. But with my help, we carved in weekly calls, and a system that helped him write his book quickly and easily, and he’s now enjoying the accolade that comes with being an ‘author’ and his book is selling on Amazon, as well as to targeted customers who then follow his call to action and get his help.

This really can be you too… all you need to do is follow my 6 point plan above, and you could have a book written and published by the summer. There are also lots of other resources on my website, just follow the rescourses link at the top, and before you know it, your book will be ready for typesetting and printing. BUT what you need is ACTION. Don’t just think “yeh, yeh, one day…” do it now. Get a piece of paper, and just write the title… it’s amazong what that will do in terms of getting your mind moving. I bet once you have a title, you’ll then start writing the other 5 points I mention… and your book is on it’s way to being written.

Feel you need a little help? Well get in touch. I can help you get your plan into action, get your schedule on track, and literally guide you through the writing process. It’s what I love to do… helping business owners become authors, and generate hundreds of new leads for them with their published project.

So, drop me an email, alexa@thebookrefinery.com and let me know of your ‘book writing idea’ ; let’s see if we can turn it into a proper paper back book (I’m sure we can) and get it selling ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you!