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You have another 5 star rating on Amazon!

You’ve just made a cup of coffee, and sat down at your desk. Your inbox is already full of emails, but one catches your eye – “You have another 5 star rating on Amazon.” A surge of excitement rushes through you, as you click on the email, and see that your book has another great review…”Yes!” you say, and the day starts with a smile on your face, knowing that the time and money you’ve invested in the book, really was worth it. (Not to mention the hundreds of new leads you’re generating through people buying the book and clicking on the links within it, ready to buy or become a client.)

Now imagine receiving an email like that on a busy Monday morning? Sound impossible? Well it’s not. In fact, the majority of my clients who have written and published a book have had very similar emails and it can very much happen to you. The only caveat is, you need to write a book.

With the right tools and support, publishing a book doesn’t have to be difficult. My latest clients, Tony Messer and Pilar Torres Wahlberg from pickaweb.co.uk, have just gone through the experience. Even though the book took slightly longer than expected, they are now selling The Lazy Website Syndrome on Amazon (both a physical book and kindle) and through their own website – they’re delighted! Go and check out what they have to say about working with The Book Refinery here.

Not sure where to start…well here are my 4 top tips to get you going:

4 Top Tips to becoming an author in 2013 (and receiver of emails from happy readers!)

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Find out what their biggest challenge is
  3. Solve that challenge in a headline – and hey presto, that is the title of your book!
  4. Get in touch with me….

Once you have completed the tips mentioned, you are almost half way to completing your book. That may sound like a inaccurate statement, BUT once you’ve identified your target audience, solved their biggest challenge and come up with a headline – the rest just falls into place. Get in touch with me, and I will show you how you then map out your book in such a way, it then almost writes itself.

Sounds too simple…? It doesn’t have to be. I think a lot of want to be authors use the ‘it’s too complicated’ as an excuse not to do it. Yes, it’s scary to put yourself out there; my latest client, Katrina Blunt from Incubative has just gone through that feeling, she even confessed that she was editing the book over and over again, to stall the publishing – it was that scary for her, BUT her book is now at the printers and she is eagerly anticipating it’s arrival. (Go and her check her landing page here!)

So, what’s stopping you? Fear? Or don’t know what to write about? Hopefully I’ve helped with the latter obstacle, and the first one is just recognising that fear, but doing it anyway!

Get in touch, and let me help you, it’s really as simple as that. Either email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com or fill out an enquiry form here. I look forward to hearing from you.