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Case Study – Pickaweb

So, you hear me talking about how writing a book can really leverage you into expert status, well this week we are going to be looking at a case study of one of my recent clients, Tony Messer and Pilar Torred Wahlberg, who have written a book, The Lazy Website Syndrome, and what that has done in terms of their business.

Lazy Website Book Mock 09Name of Company: Pickaweb

Name of Owners: Tony Messer and Pilar Torres Wahlberg

What service do you provide: We offer a full range of internet services for small to medium sized businesses. We also offer internet marketing advice via courses and live events to help the small business owner punch their weight on the net and get the most out of their website.

What got you into this business? To be honest we got into it by accident. When the internet started to take off in the late 1990’s we thought it looked interesting so we set up a small website and it has just mushroomed since then. They say a rising tide floats all the boats so we made the right decision at the right time.

When did you get the idea for a book? We had been toying with the idea from some time. We wanted to move away from being ‘just another hosting company’. This was our Blue Ocean Strategy to position ourselves as small business marketing experts and the book has helped us to achieve this.

What were you looking for when sourcing a publisher? When we started we really didn’t know how to get our ideas into print. We needed someone that could take our raw ideas and help us fashion them into a well-structured and professional book that would add real value to the lives of our customers and potential customers.

How did The Book Refinery help you with writing and publishing your book? The team at the book refinery were invaluable in helping us to give the book a structure and a narrative. They helped us to create a number of Calls to Action which is really what the book is ultimately intended for as it is a key marketing tool for us. Once the book was ready they took care of the formatting and printing end to end. Having that one stop shop really made life so much easier and ensured that the end product was a high quality book that we are rightly proud of.

What have been the results since being published? We have been extremely pleased with the results. Our customers love the book. We have used it primarily as a lead generating tool & it has enabled us to introduce ourselves to a new audience who would not otherwise have heard of us. We are promoting our first live event so that we can start to ensure that we build a vibrant community of satisfied customers around us who will act as our strongest advocates.

What’s the number 1 piece of advice you would give someone who is thinking of writing a book? The number one piece of advice I would give is just to do it. Plain and simple. Get into the mindset that you are going to be the number one go to person in your field and get that book written. It’s amazing how much positive energy you will find as you write the book and how it subsequently opens so many doors for you and your business.

So, there you have it. One of my clients who has written their book, and now using it as a powerful lead generating tool. Their event – which Tony mentions briefly above – is called Online Marketing Blueprint, and covers 5 different areas of successful web marketing, from social media (how to use it) to content marketing and link building, plus much more. If you’re interested in finding out about it, then click here. (There is a special early bird discount if you sign up before 27th May, plus I will be there helping out as well!) Or if you would like to get a copy of Tony’s book, then just click here.