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How one of my clients is now regarded an ‘expert’! (And how you can too…)

“In terms of what becoming an author has done for me, well – it’s really made me an expert in my field. It has propelled me higher than anything I have ever done, and since publishing the book in Feb of 2010 – it’s been sold in over 18 different countries. It puts you in the forefront of your industry and it’s opened up interviews on the BBC radio, newspaper articles, so in terms of not just a book, but also my whole business, it’s just really strengthened who I am, and what I stand for.” – Tim Wareing, Author of ‘Toddler Soccer’ & ‘1 on 1 coaching’.

This is a testimonial from a client of mine, Tim Wareing – author of 2 books, ‘Toddler Soccer’ and ‘1 on 1 coaching’  and it just reminds me of why writing a book can be so powerful and one of the key tools in positioning yourself as an expert.

I have no doubt that being perceived as an ‘expert’ within your niche does more for you than any amount of marketing and tweeting (or emailing and blogging) because other people, not you, are accrediting you with that title.

“‘Expert’ is something others call you, and something you demonstrate, not a title you claim yourself.”

Being perceived as an expert is critical in today’s economic climate, because being ‘good’ just isn’t enough. Positioning yourself as an expert is the smartest move you can make as well as identifying and understanding a specific area of your business which you can then niche into. You can then demonstrate your in-depth knowledge to a much higher degree  making you the go-to person in that particular area. In fact Tim has shown how this exact strategy worked for him – with fantastic results.  (you can find his book, ‘1 on 1 coaching’ here)

However, achieving expert status can seem daunting, challenging and a long struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve identified two key strategies that can propel you into this realm effectively and quickly.

They are…

  1. Niche into your business/coaching practice
  2. Write a book about that particular skill within that niche

Finding a niche
Finding and Identifying a specialised area within your organisation is a really smart move, in order for you to become an ‘expert’ within that area. Trying to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution is really tough, as you’ll have to be knowledgeable in all areas of your business and depending on the size of your organisation that could be almost impossible.

Finding an area that you can hone in on is a clever move, as it then gives you the opportunity to know your subject inside and out, and truly be the ‘expert’ within that subject.

Niching is not a new strategy, and there are lots of experts out there that teach this strategy in a lot of detail. But it is something that I am now adopting as it makes it easier to dominate my market. (In fact have changed the way I’m writing my book to match this strategy, but more about that in another article.)

Write a book
Of course the natural follow on from that is to tell the world about your knowledge, and there is no better way than to write a book. Of course you don’t want to give all of your expertise away (and trying to write a book for front end profit is really hard) however you can instead write a book which identifies the biggest challenges within your niche, highlighting the reasons why your reader needs to solve those challenges (you can give some great little tips and strategies along the way) but give the in-depth solutions in a call to action – which you then scatter throughout.

Then you can use the book as a fantastic ‘give away’ – establishing yourself as an expert in the process, but setting up your readers to enquire about your back end services, which then in turn – if done effectively – converts them into high paying clients. (If you’re interested in reading more about this, then read ‘Using your book for lead generation master class’ article here).

Lots of online marketers have used this strategy really well, including of course my mentor and colleague Ed Rivis, but I can’t express enough how powerful this strategy is when used in one of the three ways I share with you in the article mentioned.

So there it is; a quick overview of two easy strategies you can implement to position you as an expert – and hopefully these will work for you too. If you want to know more about this, then why not download my free report ‘The EXPERT’ factor – if you have already, then read it and apply the tactics I share. Or if you would like to get in touch to discuss how a book can benefit your business strategy, email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com and we can set up a quick, free and no obligation consultation.