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The Power of Perception

Today’s blog post has been written by Andrew Ludlam of Maverick Marketing.

You always get to hear of my opinion what being an author can do for you, but I thought you might be interested in hearing from someone who has gone through the process themselves, and is now reaping the benefits.

“Imagine being known as the expert in your industry, being regarded as the authority. It’s something that every business owner should aspire to, and more importantly, work towards becoming. Having helped many business owners position themselves as authorities in their market place, I have always been aware of the power of perception.

You see we now live in an age where we are literally flooded, on an almost minute by minute basis, with promotional messages. Emails, sales letters, tweets… This tsunami of marketing media has overwhelmed the market place, leaving behind increasing consumer cynicism and often times overwhelming apathy.

So perception these days is ever more important – in particular – to ensure your business cuts through all clutter and gets your prospect’s attention. One of the best ways to establish credibility and make an impact is by way of writing a book. In fact last year, I took my own advice and embarked on a journey of authoring my first book ‘Maverick Marketing’.

Now there is the obvious credibility that comes with writing a book. It’s great to be able to call yourself an ‘author’ – and it makes an immediate impact when I introduce myself as consultant, trainer and author. I will never get tired of this description! However, there is also another major advantage for the most important person in this – your potential client.

Here is a quick exercise. Think of someone in your sector, who you feel clearly knows the industry. Now think about how they present, act and carry themselves? Here are some characteristics that I would naturally relate to that of being an expert:

  • An air of ‘relaxed certainty’;
  • He or she clearly demonstrates an understanding of their industry, sector or niche;
  • They do not try and sell, but instead educate.

Writing a book allows you to convey all of the above. It allows you to offer a huge education and insight up front on your particular industry, whilst creating great rapport with your prospective client (or reader). Most importantly selling you, without actually selling!

I have found that my book ‘Maverick Marketing’ has provided me with the ultimate business card. There is no better way of closing a meeting with a prospect than by leaving a copy of my book on their desk! In a world that sometimes seems full of consultants, it has helped greater position myself as an authority on helping professional services firms that are struggling to grow their practice. In fact not only does ‘Maverick Marketing’ provide over 100 pages of practical business growth strategies, concepts and tactics it also gives the reader an insight in to my methodology and the results I have achieved.

It’s important to appreciate that writing a book alone is no guarantee that clients will beat a path to your door. Yes, it helps to greater establish your authority in the market place and get your prospects attention. However, you still need to promote and market your book effectively. Of course one way to do this very quickly is to list your book on Amazon. You will find ‘Maverick Marketing’ here on Amazon.co.uk.

It is very important to get good, genuine, reviews on Amazon, as many buyers will now read these before committing to a purchase. I have just received my 10th five-star review on Amazon. The majority were from readers who genuinely wanted to leave a positive response. How did I get the others? I just asked! When someone was kind enough to contact me, explaining how much they liked the book, I simply asked if they would be happy to leave their comments on Amazon.

So if you’re looking to position yourself as the expert in your industry, be regarded as an authority – and most importantly, get your prospect’s attention, then start work on that book today. It could do wonders for your business – it did for me.”
Written by Andrew Ludlam
Maverick Marketing Consultancy

For details of ‘Maverick Marketing’, visit:

Being perceived as an ‘expert’ by your customers IS the fastest way to get new, higher paying clients – and ultimately they come to you, rather than you having to find them.
Writing a book is one of the smartest ways of gaining this status and it takes less time than you may think.

If you want to become an author (and all of the benefits that come with that) then get in touch. I can help you formulate your plan, (or if you already have one, make sure that you have all the necessary elements which will convert your readers into high paying clients) and set you up on your writing journey. Simply email me at alexa@thebookrefinery.com and I will look forward to hearing about your project.