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Don’t underestimate the power of the Font!

FontsLooking back at my blogs, I’ve realised that I’ve never written an article about typeface or fonts – as I’ve never really imagined my clients worrying too much about them. (They usually leave that to me!) However I was contacted recently by a copy editor Danielle Wrate www.wrateseditingservices.co.uk (who edited a book I’m currently working on) and asked if I would answer some questions about typesetting. She then asked if I had any articles I could point her readers to, and I was surprised to realise that I didn’t have anything for her – my bad! So, rather than re-iterate what she has so eloquently written, I will point you in her direction instead.

Simply click here to read about why typesetting is something to consider when getting your book ready for self- publishing.

Interestingly, you will now probably start to see (or rather, notice a lot more) the selection of fonts and typefaces that we are subjected too on a daily basis, but not really given much thought too. But, when talking in terms of brands, who doesn’t recognise the coca cola font, being intrinsically linked to the drink itself? Or Disney, Facebook, MacDonald’s, Ford, Brabantia…. the list goes on and on. It may be something we’ve ever really noticed, but subconsciously we could probably recognise these brands, simply by the font they use! Powerful stuff indeed!

And I would have no problem stating that just as much thought goes into font selection, as the wording or name itself. So, next time you’re writing something on your computer, for a presentation or report – why not have a look at the myriad selection of fonts you are given and choose something other than Times New Roman, or Garamond. (Just remember the basic rules, serif for anything printed, sans serif for anything on the screen)

Just one word of advice, don’t choose comic sans – EVER! (Leave that for your childs school report, but even then get them to stand out from the rest of the class and go for Century Gothic instead – why? Read this to see!)