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The Perfect Match!

Team of business people collaborate holding up jigsaw puzzle pieWhy getting good suppliers is essential for your business!

I can’t believe that Wimbledon is over already – but delighted at the result (although it would have been nice for Murray to keep his title). Just like tennis needs expert umpires and good weather, so do book publishers need good printers. No, in fact, not good printers… expert printers and I can’t recommend Berforts Information Press highly enough!

In fact, I am so impressed with them, that when I was asked to speak at their Self-Publisher Experience Days last week, I was delighted to accept. I knew it was a great opportunity to meet fellow publishers as well as allowing me to impart some of my knowledge about layout and design.

Having been a publisher for nearly two years, I have had my share of mistakes and nightmare situations but these have been reduced by dealing with expert printers who remedied the situation or went out of the way to help fix a problem. And this comes down to working with a company like Berforts – who really are committed to helping their suppliers end up with a product they are really proud of.

Getting your files ready for print is just not a case of hitting ‘export to PDF’ – there is a lot more to consider, from proper CMYK balance (that’s blue, pink, yellow and black to most) and making sure any greyscale images are converted and set up correctly. Not to mention proper cover set up and allowing enough margins for print tolerance. It’s taken me a good few fails to learn these important rules, and I now work really closely with the team at Berforts to make sure my files are as good as they can be, so that I and they can produce a really fantastic product.

This working dynamic is critical to my business, and my result is critical to theirs. I have had many delighted customers who really do sing from the rooftops when their book is not only received well for the content, but complimented on the quality. Social Media is such now that any negative feedback is quickly spread, and we must never underestimate the power of it.

My talk at Berforts was highly thought of, and went down well with the participants. Explaining to their customers the importance of correct file set up was really useful to them (the participants) but also to the printers, as I was educating their future customers on elements that are really important to their product result. It really is a synchronistic relationship and one that I value highly.

So, next time you’re looking to change your suppliers (or choosing them for the first time) keep this in mind. Not only does your company depend on the end result, but how your customers see your business through the result of your suppliers. Is it a perfect match?

Next week I will share with you what I spoke about… so be sure to check back in with my blog!