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If writing makes you shudder – don’t panic. Talk your book instead!

I’m currently working with several clients, most of whom writing is second nature to them. But one of them is struggling with the writing process. Not because he can’t write (he writes fantastic marketing material) but because writing a book takes a slightly different style to writing sales copy.

When you write a book – you need to engage the reader in a different way. You need to tell a story. And sometimes that can be hard for someone who isn’t used to writing with that in mind.

Not surprisingly he was struggling to get his chapters completed on time. It wasn’t through lack of knowledge, or lack of planning (both of those had been explored early on in the coaching session) it was the actual process of writing that he was finding difficult.

However, being a completest, he continued on, fighting a battle of will, and produced pages of writing (albeit late, and of staccato quality) and we would discuss at length how difficult he was finding the process.

It left both me and him frustrated.

Then during one of our weekly calls, we brought up one of his Microsoft Word documents and contemplated how to fix the problem.

“Why not talk me through the chapter” I suggested. (I hit the record button on our Skype call, as I said this) – and my client talked through what he had written, telling a story as he spoke, and brought what he had already written to life.

“Eureka!” I exclaimed – “I think we’ve got the answer.” – My client now had over 30 minutes of really good quality material explained succinctly and in a way that was engaging yet informative. Exactly what he wanted his book to be, all we needed to do now was transcribe the material and add it to what was already written. (This is where a copy editor might come into play, but my client didn’t mind, he just wanted the book to be finished!)

All we then did was take stock at what was already written (3 chapters that made great starting points for his new recordings) and then devised a plan to talk through the new chapters, and revisit the written ones.

So if you think that writing a book is not something you can do, but you’re great at talking about your subject, then think about recording your book. All you need is some recording software – you can find lots on Google – Audacity is a great little programme and you can find it here. (It’s free too!)

Or if you already have recording programme like Camtasia – then you can use that. Or if you spend a lot of time on the road, or away from your desk, why not pick up a MP3 recording device from Amazon.co.uk – try this one, at just over £25. This then gives you the flexibility of recording wherever you are.

All you then need are the following;

  • Your blueprint plan
  • Recording device
  • Find a transcriber – there are lots on E-Lance
  • Then simply copy edit the transcription (which you can do, or you can outsource it as well) to get it into reading like a book.

5 hours of recording time will probably equal enough pages for a simple 96 -112 page book (when formatted) and will work tirelessly as a great lead generator for your business.

If you feel you have an idea for your book, but not sure where to start, then get in touch. I can offer one on one help to formulate a plan (see my blueprint plan strategy session) and also offer further coaching to get that book written. Simply fill out an enquiry form, or  email me alexa@thebookrefinery.com for a no obligation chat.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alexa, Your book coach

  • I really find good things and ideas while reading and would like to share them through writing. I hope I can do both at the same time. Time management would be imposed securely.