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How to get extra leverage with your book launch

Book 45 (640x427)I was invited to one of my clients book launches last night, and I have to say I was super impressed. Not because of the venue, (sophisticated and a great location) or the yummy canapés, (really tasty bite sized morsels) or the choice of refreshments, (bucks fizz, juice or water) but because the evening was of value.

It wasn’t all about my clients book – ‘The Organised Business’, in fact, that was more of an aside, but instead, it was a mini seminar, a taster in how to get more business. How refreshing!

Book 4 (640x427)The author, William Wood, introduced us to Jessen Chinnapan – a business coach who reminded us that our mindset was the key to unlocking our success, Leonardo Wood of LGX Ltd, who is a lead generation expert, and gave us a 10 minute master-class on getting more leads into our business, Colin Davies of The Chamber of Commerce, who introduced us to what The Chamber of Commerce could do for business owners, and Alex Ledger of High Growth Kent on how we can accelerate growth through government funding.

This was all packaged up into an hours presentation – and the room was buzzing with chatter and discussion once the hour was up. What a great way to enforce what my client is; an expert at helping business owners grow and become successful.

So, how could you leverage up your book launch? Below are some ideas;

  • Guest speakers
  • Mini Presentation that helps your guests and adds value
  • Raffle or draw to engage your guests (Will did a questionnaire, and answers were put into a prize draw)
  • Question and answer session
  • Any local Chamber of Commerce groups that could come and give a presentation

Adding value to something like a book launch elevates your expertise, and makes the event about your guests, rather than your book (although paradoxically, your book will fly off the stands) – plus it gives you the opportunity to reinforce your point of difference, that you’re the expert, and you want people to succeed.


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