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The Expert/Author effect – why they go hand in hand

ExpertSignGetting targeted leads into your sales funnel is critical to keeping your business alive. Without customers, your profits cease and your business fails.

Customers also want to deal with experts. They want to know that they are working with the best of the best, and convincing your targeted leads that you are ‘the one to deal with’ is getting harder and harder (and convincing people is really not the best way to approach it, you need to DEMONSTRATE it, so that they SEE that you’re the expert).

They want to feel safe and secure, knowing that who they are dealing with really understands their issues, and trust that the person they are seeking knows how to fix it. Being good, just isn’t enough; you need to gain trust, which then axiomatically attracts new customers and clients effortlessly and easily.

Persuading clients to come to you, rather than clients seeking your services, is like swimming against the tide. Nobody wants to persuade, it’s exhausting. You want new clients and customers clamouring for your help and the most effective way of doing this is by demonstrating your expertise.

…..and nothing brings you expert status faster than being the author of a book.

The Expert/Author Factor

Without doubt, writing a book and getting it published propels the reader’s perception that you are an expert quickly and effectively. It reinforces the reader’s belief, that if you can write over 64 pages, and get it into print, then you must have a passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject you have written about.

It increases your credibility and enhances all aspects of your marketing strategies, from networking, to public speaking. This is not a secret, it’s a very smart tactic, and nothing is more powerful at the end of a presentation, or speaking event than handing out a proper book. Certainly more powerful than a business card (which usually ends up in the bin!)

The Biggest Misconception

Writing and publishing a book is seen as a complicated process, when all it involves is coming up with a simple plan, outlining it, writing, printing and distribution. That’s it! (And most of that is not even done by you, get the right publishing service and all you need to do is the writing part).

You don’t need a publishing deal (as you self publish) and then you use the result, your book, in your marketing strategy, and let it reel in targeted leads, all of whom are clamouring for your business. You can also use this powerful tool for lead generation, working tirelessly to bring in new leads, ready for you to convert into high paying customers and clients.

Don’t know where to start?
Well there are lots of resources to get you started (simply click the resources page above) or if you already have an idea for a book, but just didn’t know where to go, The Book Refinery is a great place to start. We know how to write a book specifically for lead generation (it’s a unique formula) and we’ve helped many business owners write and publish books. We also offer a comprehensive coaching programme for those who find it difficult to write and then produce and publish the finished result (The Book Refinery is a one-stop shop) – you literally give us the word document, and The Book Refinery does the rest!

Intrigued? Then simply get in touch. Send an email to info@thebookrefinery.com and we can arrange a quick, exploratory, no obligation call. We can discuss any ideas you have, and see how to get your book out of your head and into print. With our help, becoming an author really is simple, and one of the most powerful ways of showcasing your expertise.

Simply email info@thebookrefinery.com and let’s get started. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Tony Messer

    Brilliant advice. There is a book in most of us if we just make the effort to commit our ideas to paper. A common misconception is that people often think you have to be some kind of literary genius to write a book. If you are stuck though, a great place to start is your email outbox. Create a list of FAQs from these & then start to flesh them out. Your book could then be simply “100 things you need to know about xyz”.

    The key point that Alexa makes is that a book confers expert status on the writer. Since marketing & publishing seem to be merging these days then getting that book on paper is a valuable part of your marketing strategy.